top ten podcasts

My Top Ten Podcasts

Narrowing down my Top Ten Podcasts was difficult. I think all the podcasts I listen to are amazing but staying true to the title I have chosen 10 that I look the most forward to every week. In no particular order, here are my top...

The Algarve, Portugal Travel Guide

Travel Guide to the Algarve

Hi everyone, today will be all about a Travel Guide to the Algarve. From my previous two Portugal blog posts, I'm sure you can understand that Portugal is amazing! It has a ton of personality with its's colorful buildings and unique architecture. However, I have...

Travel Guide: Sintra, Portugal

Sintra Travel Guide

The next city we visited in Portugal was Sintra and it was amazing! Sintra is a very popular tourist attraction, and even locals go out to the city on the weekends for a perfect day trip. We didn't want to take our car there and...