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3 Layer Microwavable Bento Box Review – BPA Free


Bento boxes are so cool! But they’re super expensive for what they are. I mean you can get a whole set of tupperware with the price of just one bento box. That is why I set out to find the best bento box at the most affordable price, and I think I found it! You’re going to love this bento box review!

So, most bento boxes are two layers, which actually doesn’t work too great for Gursheel and I. We usually take fruit, vegetables and a meal to work, so three layers is ideal. This bento box that I found is three layers, ships to Canada and the final price (including shipping and taxes) is less than $32 CAD for 2 boxes! That comes out to be $16 each. Although to get this price, you need to buy 2 boxes and also allows for free shipping. I bought it on Amazon.ca and got it the next day, thanks to the almighty one day shipping!

I don’t know about you but that price is unheard of for a high quality bento box! (My friend bought a mon bento box for $40!) And this bento box is actually much better than others, since it is BPA free, microwavable, leak proof, has a divider and three whole layers! It comes in blue, pink and green, so I bought the blue one for myself and the pink for Gursheel (hehe, I’m kidding)!

I can’t wait to share meal planning ideas revolving around this bento box. So, get your hands on this box before prices increase!

bento box review

bento box review

bento box review

bento box review

When you go to Amazon.ca and find this box or you can use this link to get there directly: Bento Box, you will find that the price is $16.99 for the blue one and $17.99 for either the green or pink one. However, when you go to checkout, a discount will be applied. For us it was $3.50! I bought another item that I needed with this order so I could get free Amazon Prime shipping (total needs to be $35 for this).

So, now on to the actual bento box review. Since I got this bento box the day after I ordered it, I went right to work to test it out. It microwaves perfectly, but I wouldn’t put the lid on it since it may get ruined (didn’t want to ruin it so didn’t test this out). It also is definitely leakproof, since I put some dhal (lentil soup) in the bottom compartment and shook it around, and nothing leaked!

The other concern I had was it seemed small. The bottom layer is deeper than the top two. I thought our fruit wouldn’t fit, but I tested it out using the largest fruit we usually pack: the honeydew, and it fit perfectly! So, I think the size is perfect!

Anyways, I’m sure it is back to school for a lot of you and I thought I would join in on the excitement on starting fresh. My goal is to start eating healthier because I know how important it is to take care of your body through the food you eat and this bento box is a good way to start. I hope you guys enjoyed this bento box review and if you guys purchase this box let me know what you think? I can’t wait to share healthy recipes and meal planning guides using this bento box!

bento box review

bento box review

bento box review


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Seville Travel Guide


I’m back and with a Seville Travel Guide!

If you could only had one day in Spain or Portugal and needed to decide where to go, Seville would hands down be it! I’ve been to Barcelona in the past, and during this trip went to Madrid, Segovia and Seville, and Seville is definitely my favorite. Walking around in Seville feels unreal and everywhere you go seems majestic. So today, I will talk about our 2 day Seville travel guide!

Starting with the one place I was most excited about: the Royal Alcazar, famous for where the Dorne scenes in Game of Thrones are filmed. You can actually recognize a lot of the scenes from the show at the Alcazar. The Alcazar of Seville is actually the royal palace that the royal family of Spain still uses (but only the upper floors). It is BEAUTIFUL! It has so much beautiful architecture and was original built by the Moorish Muslim kings. Everywhere you go here you will get amazing pictures with the most beautiful backdrop. And Gursheel and I made sure to take a lot! The next few pictures are all from the Royal Alcazar and I love them all!

The cost to enter the Alcazar is 9.50 euro, however if you are a student, it is only 2 euro. I still am an unclassified student at UBC so I got to enter with the student price! Which was definitely a win! Also, you can purchase the tickets to the Alcazar online, which is actually a good idea, since the lines for getting tickets is LONG! Another thing to remember is that the Palace closes at 5pm! Oh, and they have security and metal detectors here, although we wore our kirpans and we were fine to enter. The Alcazar is the one place on the Seville travel guide that you HAVE to go to!

Portugal and Spain 2017

Portugal and Spain 2017

Seville travel guide


Seville travel guide

Seville travel guide

Seville travel guide

These were all pictures at the Alcazar of Seville and I hope you will agree with me that the Alcazar is beautiful! Everywhere you go and look you just want to have pictures taken! You can easily spend a few hours here, although the intense heat of Seville does prevent you from being outside for too long.

Right beside the Alcazar of Seville is the famous Seville Cathedral which is stunning! The fee to enter is 8 euro, although for students it is 4 euro. The Cathedral is open till 7 pm, so you can easily spend a few hours here after visiting the Alcazar.

My first impression of this cathedral was Lord of the Rings. You remember that scene from the Fellowship of the Ring where the fellowship is in Mines of Moria and being chased by the goblins in this giant hall. Well that is how it felt being in this Cathedral. It is massive and is the largest cathedral in the world. You can also climb to the Giralda, or the Bell Tower from the Cathedral and it is quite the workout. But once you get to the top you get an amazing view of the city!


Seville travel guide

Seville travel guide

This was the view we got from the top!

Another place I wanted to visit in Seville was the Maria Luisa Park. Gursheel and I actually walked around everywhere in Seville from our airbnb (which was amazing btw) just so we could appreciate the city. However, be warned, you have to walk quite a bit to get in between places and it is HOT! Seville was always 40 degrees if not more everyday we were there!

We walked to Maria Luisa Park and it was far. I think it took us 30 minutes in the heat to get there. But it was well worth it. We took a break in the shade of trees and got some amazing photos as well.

Seville travel guide

And right by the park is the Plaza de Espana which is a plaza with amazing architectural detail. You may also recognize it from the Star Wars movie.


Seville travel guide

Another place that was in the middle of the city that I really wanted to visit was the Metropol Prasol. It is a wooden structure that is the largest in the world. The structures apparently join to form a large mushroom, although I didn’t see the mushroom. You can visit level 1 of the structure for free, although to get the the second and third level you have to pay a small fee. We didn’t get a chance to visit the top, although the small fee of 4 euro makes it an affordable thing to do. I couldn’t find a good shot of this place but you can see a part of the structure on the top right of this picture.


Everywhere we went to in Seville felt like we were in an old movie and the details of every building we saw were amazing. I’ve never taken this many pictures of myself but I sure am glad I did!




In terms of vegan food in Seville, there is a lot. My favorite place was Organics because it is all vegan, it is affordable and super yummy and healthy. We also got some delicious vegan gelato from Puro and Bio.

One thing I have to mention in this Seville Travel Guide is that water is essential! So, get yourselves a good water bottle that keeps water cold and you will be golden. Seville is a hot city and water is a necessity. I have a S’well water bottle and it seriously is the best!

Price Break Down (2 days in Seville):

Food: 63.50 euro

Gas: 23.14 euro (to fill up our rental car)

Entertainment: 30.50 euro

Stamps: 2.55 euro

Total: 119.69 euro

Hope you enjoyed this Seville travel guide. Up next, our final destination: Madrid/Segovia!

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My Top Ten Podcasts


Narrowing down my Top Ten Podcasts was difficult. I think all the podcasts I listen to are amazing but staying true to the title I have chosen 10 that I look the most forward to every week. In no particular order, here are my top ten podcasts:

  1. Afford Anything: This is probably one of the first podcasts I started listening to and I really do enjoy it. Paula Pant is the host of this podcast and I just love how she explains everything and anything related to money so well. It’s a podcast about learning to spend money wisely and talks about ETFs, real estate investing, etc. It is targeted towards a US audience, however, the underlying theme about the mentality towards spending is what I find motivating. It talks about how you can’t afford everything but you can afford anything and therefore you need to be critical as to what you consider important and worth spending money on. One of my favorite money podcasts and will always remain one of my top ten podcasts!
  2. The Goal Digger Podcast: This is a fairly new podcast I have started listening to and it’s hosted by Jenna Kutcher. It’s a podcast about business and blogging although the reason I enjoy it so much is because Jenna is just super motivating.I don’t really learn too much in terms of blogging but whenever I listen I get so pumped and excited to pursue my business! I even introduced this podcast to Gursheel since he started his photography business. And since Jenna Kutcher also is a photographer, he also finds it very useful and inspiring! Image result for the goal digger podcast
  3. AskPat: Pan Flynn is someone who I have been learning a lot from about blogging and growing your own business and the AskPat podcast he has is amazing. He does it every weekday where someone calls in to ask a question about any topic related to business, blogging and marketing. The podcast episode is always quite short (less than 10 minutes). So, it is basically getting one easy tip/trick for your business every day. Also, Pat Flynns’ other podcast, Smart Passive Income, is equally amazing!
  4. Canadaland Commons: This is one news/politics podcast that I found that is meant for Canadians! It’s really funny because the people that host it seem to hate politics! And it’s literally the only way I know what’s going on with Canadian news/media and politics.Image result for canadaland commons podcast
  5. StartUp Podcast: I think I subscribe to all the podcasts by Gimlet media, but StartUp is probably one of my favorites. It is about what it’s really like to start a business and interviews people who are going through the process right now. In one season they followed/interviewd Dov, the guy who started American Apparel, and it was interesting the level of access they had to Dov and provided his perspective as to what happened with regards to his scandal. Image result for start up podcast
  6. Under the Influence:  I’ve been listening to a lot of new podcasts this month, but this one by Terry O’Reilly is one of my favorites. It’s a podcast about the ad industry and how were make decisions and are influence by words and images. His voice and how he tells the stories really gets you hooked. I got Gursheel hooked as well!
  7. Revisionist History: Malcolm Gladwell is a Canadian!! How cool is that? Because he is super cool and his podcast is one of my all time favorites! Malcolm also wrote the book Outliers, which I have yet to read. But this podcast is about history and the title of the podcast is perfect. This is the description I found on his website: Revisionist History will go back and reinterpret something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood. Also, Malcolm’s voice is so nice to listen to and this just had to make my top ten podcasts list!Image result for revisionist history podcast
  8. How I Built This: How I Built This is a podcast by NPR where they interview people who started companies and how they went about building their business. It’s really interesting how a lot of the successful companies you probably heard about, like Kate Spade, Zumba, etc. are actually people like you and I, that had a vision, put in the effort, went through hard times and finally saw their vision come to life. I find it super inspiring! Image result for how i built this
  9. The Daily: This is a news podcast by the New York Times and it’s perfect. It’s short and sweet and I feel like I am keeping track on what’s going on in the world. I really wish they had something like this for Canadian news! I mean Canadaland Commons is good, but it comes once a week and is usually an hour long.
  10. Pod Save America: I think this podcast through Crooked Media is just a couple months old and I love it. One of the hosts was the former speech writer for Barack Obama and the guests that come on this podcast are often people who have some sort of connection to the White House or have worked there in the past. The hosts are hilarious and are  always updating everyone on what Donald Trump is up to. It’s a really good podcast about American politics and I really have been learning a lot and been keeping up to date as to what’s happening in politics. Highly recommend!

Hope you enjoyed this post and again, this is not a complete list of all the podcasts I listen to (I listen to a LOT), but a list of my top ten podcasts! If you try any of these let me know. Also, please share some of your favorite podcasts as well! I love when people recommend me their favorites!