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March Lifestyle Favorites and Lululemon Run Course light speed Sock Review


March is over and I’m back again with my favorites from this month, a bunch being birthday gifts that I received in the end of February, the first being Lululemon socks!


  • Lululemon Run Course light speed sock: I LOVE these socks!! I bought a pair using a gift card I got for my birthday and they’re amazing and I thought I’d do a mini review of them as well. I have used them for Boot Camp classes, Zumba classes, running as well as walking large distances. They are designed so beautifully for all of these purposes. First of all, they have a tab at the back that prevents them from slipping down your feet which I think is brilliant. I have a couple of socks that start sliding down as I wear them throughout the day, but this tab makes it impossible for the socks to slip. Next, they are tighter is the arch area and this gives additional arch support, which is useful when running as it makes your feet feel very comfortable. And finally, they are made of this mesh material that prevents your feet from sweating when you wear the socks all day or train in them. And to top it off, I love the color combination of this pair as well as the design and they are just so beautiful as much as they are functional! Highly recommend. And they were $18 Cdn, which in Lululemon pricing, isn’t actually that much!
  • Zumba: I can’t believe I’m including Zumba in my favorites but I started taking classes after work at U of T and I am seriously enjoying it! For those who don’t know Zumba is a type of cardio-dance workout that is Latin inspired. The instructor dances along to the choreography and everyone in the class follows along as best they can. I am probably the most awkward and un-choreographed person in the class but I love that in this type of cardio you move your entire body. I also have been wearing the Lululemon socks to class and have experienced no slippage. One day my tailbone had been hurting super bad, I took the Zumba class that day and right after the pain had subsided considerably and the next day it was gone. I honestly think it was this class! I also recently listened to a podcast about the man who started Zumba and the story behind how it started is pretty impressive.


How I Built This logo

  • NPR How I Built This: Well now that I already mentioned the podcast, it makes sense to list it as my favorite. How I Built This is a podcast by NPR where they interview people who started companies and how they went about building their company. This was where I heard the Zumba episode as well. It’s really interesting how a lot of the successful companies you probably heard about, like Kate Spade, Zumba, etc. were actually people like you and I, that had a vision, put in the effort, went through hard times and finally saw their vision come to life. I find it super inspiring and have been learning a lot!


monthly favorites

  • Whole Foods Organic Chocolate Truffles: OMG These are AMAZING!!! These I received as a birthday gift from my sister and they are seriously the best thing ever! I think they are vegan as well, because I looked at the ingredients and I didn’t see anything with dairy and they say vegetarian on the box as well, so obviously don’t contain any animal product. But they are so creamy and they literally melt in your mouth. I actually went to the Whole Foods near us, but they didn’t have it, so I’m going to have to hunt these down or ask my sister to mail me some more from Vancouver!


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  • The Night Manager: We recently got Amazon Prime and with that you can watch shows on Amazon. Gursheel discovered this show The Night Manager and we have been loving it. It stars the doctor from House and the detective from Broadchurch, and the main character is new to me. But the acting, script and production is really good! I think this is a miniseries and has 6 episodes so far, but I heard it got renewed for another season!


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  • Mistborn Wax and Wayne Series: Once again I have a Brandon Sanderson book favorite for you. If it’s not clear, I love this author! I almost finished a trilogy this month, around 100 pages left! The books in this series start with The Alloy of Law, Shadows of Self, and then the Bands of Mourning. There is a fourth book in this series as well but it will be coming out in 2018! Wax is a lawman and Wayne is his sidekick and their relationship is so great! The book has action (of course), humor and a side of romance. My favorite book combination.


  • Whipped Coconut Oil: I have been loving putting coconut oil on my hair and skin and so has Gursheel! It’s been very dry here in Toronto, although the weather has been getting better. I made whipped coconut oil DIY this month and I think we are already halfway through the jar. It smells amazing, moisturizes the skin and is anti-bacterial!


monthly favorites

  • Giant Cactus: Gursheel got me a giant cactus for my birthday and we named him Pablo. This is our fourth plant and we love him. He is super tall and has this unique shape. Pablo is easy to maintain, just water him once a month and give him sunshine. We placed him by our bedroom window and he is looking healthy!


Metallic fabric scissors from amazon

  • Copper Fabric Scissors: This month I have been altering Gursheel’s dress pants to make them tighter and shorter. We didn’t have a good pair of fabric scissors at home so I found this amazing pair on Amazon! They were super affordable ($10 Cdn and free shipping), beautiful and cut so easily. The perfect pair of fabric scissors. The best I’ve owned actually. I’m going to be doing a lot more sewing the next few months and this is going to make the sewing process that much easier.

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Easy Pantry Organization Update – Affordable Pantry Organization Ideas


I’ve been wanting to organize our pantry for a long time now and finally this weekend we started and got a huge chunk of it done. It’s not perfect yet and I still have a couple more things that I need to get done before I officially categorize it as finished, but I’m not sure when that will be, so I’m posting about an easy pantry organization update today.

I LOVE pantry organization videos on YouTube, in fact, they are some of my favorite kinds of videos to watch, after vegan recipe videos, that is. I have been watching a bunch of videos and scouring Pinterest for ideas for easy pantry organization ideas that also looks beautiful and are functional. So, today, I’m going to walk you through what I did to organize our pantry on a budget.

So this picture shows you how our pantry looked before we organized it. It was actually quite organized, in that we knew exactly where everything was. But, I wanted everything to look uniform and also wanted it to be visually appealing. A lot of the pantry items were stacked on top of each other, and everything was overly crowded. So, I thought it would be a good idea to build two more shelves to get some more working space. The original shelves were spread quite far apart, so I thought we could fit two more shelves. I measured the tallest item in our pantry and made sure that the shelves that we would build would accommodate this item.

I then took out every single item in the pantry and sorted them into cans, sauces, bulk items, teas, etc. and got rid of expired items and things we don’t use anymore. This was also the perfect time to wipe down and clean the pantry.

Next, we went to Home Depot and got a piece of wood cut to the size the shelves in our pantry were originally. This cost us $11 for 2 shelves! I then got Gursheel to install these shelves in the pantry. He did this by using the remaining pieces of wood and nailing them to the sides of the pantry and placing the shelf on top. Just looking at the empty pantry with the new shelves got me super excited that I went right away to Michaels to get some baskets in the dimensions I measured so that they fit perfectly into the pantry! I would have preferred lighter colored baskets, but these were the only ones I found that were the perfect width and height for our pantry. And I got them buy 1 get 1 free! Score!

I wanted to get clear, glass jars that would fit a lot of the bulk items in the pantry and I was able to find the perfect ones for 1-4 bucks at the Dollar Store (for the smaller ones) and IKEA (the larger ones) and spent under $100 for all the jars! I just took off all the labels, washed the containers with soap and water and dried them off completely before putting bulk items in them.

Finally, I bought this amazing white Sharpie Paint pen from Amazon to label all the jars for this easy pantry organization. I originally had bought these clear labels from Avery where you can print off a label. I tried this but I found that they would be too permanent, in that if I wanted to change out the jar for something else, I would have to peel off the label. This can get annoying because that glue gunk that remains always is so hard to get off. Although, I recently heard of Goo Gone which can help take that off pretty easily. Anyways, the Sharpie pen is amazing because first, it’s white and I love white everything. And second, it is easy to wipe off with a wet cloth if you want to re-name the jar or mess up when labeling the jar.

pantry organization on a budget

pantry organization on a budget

I’m so happy with how everything turned out in this easy pantry organization! Everything isn’t perfect yet, but I wanted to post what I have done so far today and then post a follow up complete Pantry organization blog post where I give a short tour of what we have in there. I want to create labels for the baskets as well. Right now, two of them contain cans and sauces, 1 contains our tea collection and the last one contains miscellaneous items. But, I definitely want to organize these further before I create labels for them. I also need to get a couple more of the smaller jars to store some other commonly used items, but I’m really hoping that this pantry organization causes us to eat healthier, whole foods and try to make as much as we can from scratch.

I filled up all the jars with nuts, seeds, grains, pasta’s and any other dried goods. For pasta’s and grains, I already know how to cook them, however, you can cut out the cooking instructions and tape them behind the jar as well. I tend to purchase the same items over and over so I know exactly how to cook them. I also use up all the items in my pantry with a couple of months so I don’t need to worry about the expiration dates either. I like to keep cans and sauces in the bins and these I can easily check the expiry date. I never refill items in the jars until they are completely finished. Then I take the entire jar to the bulk food store and get it filled up. This really helps me cut down on my plastic waste as well.

pantry organization on a budget

pantry organization on a budget

pantry organization on a budget

pantry organization on a budget

pantry organization on a budget

pantry organization on a budget

pantry organization on a budget

I can’t stop staring at the pantry now and when I compare the before and after pictures, I feel like I accomplished something. It’s always been my dream to have a pantry that is functional and beautiful. I really want to see what your guy’s pantry’s look like and if you try some of the tips I mentioned in this easy pantry organization update today, please send me pictures! And make sure to take before and after pictures so you can see what you’ve accomplished! It really is quite satisfying.

Since I love organizing spaces and making them look beautiful, I’ve also organized our closet and under bathroom sink area that I think you all will love as much as I do!

I’ll keep you posted and happy organizing!

budget pantry organization
budget pantry organization
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DIY Natural Whipped Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair


I’m back again with a super easy DIY natural whipped coconut oil that you can use for your skin and hair. I’ve decided to do a series of spa/skin care/beauty related DIY natural products that you can easily make at home on a budget!

This week it’s just coconut oil that you can whip up and use to apply to your skin and hair. Everyone knows coconut oil is amazing for your skin and hair and I’m sure a lot of you use it on a weekly basis one way or another.

But, the most annoying thing to me is coconut oil in my home is usually located in the kitchen, because we often use it in baking and cooking (for good reason, because I LOVE coconut everything). But, because it’s usually located in the kitchen, it means it’s in that big tub that it comes in. So when you want to use it for your hair or skin, it means getting a spoon and taking out a bit of the coconut oil by digging your arm way into the container (which also involves getting oil on your arms and clothes), before finally putting it into a bowl to heat up a little bit. Because, usually the coconut oil is so hard, it needs to be softened enough to put onto your hair and skin. This whole process I go through every week when I want to put coconut oil onto my hair and it’s super annoying!! All for just getting a little bit of coconut oil into my skin.

But, not anymore! Because when you whip up coconut oil, you can keep it in a little container in your washroom and it’s the perfect consistency for using as a lotion for your skin and perfect for applying to your scalp!

And all you literally do is whip it up using a Kitchen Aid (or something similar) and put some drops of essential oils and place the contents into a glass jar! Easy peasy!

And all you do is soak up the benefits. I particularly love coconut oil for its benefits for hair, especially for promoting hair growth and preventing breakage. It also helps with fighting against dandruff and adds softness and shine to the hair. It is a winner for hair growth and I love the smell of it!!

But, coconut oil also has many benefits to the skin, including being an excellent moisturizer, but I’m sure most of you knew that. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, but as soon as you apply it to your skin, it melts right in, without leaving any clumps. You can apply it to your arms and legs as well as your face! The one interesting property I learned as I was researching coconut oil, is that it has antimicrobial properties. This is because coconut oil is composed of lauric acid (a fatty chain that makes up 85% of coconut oil) that acts as the antibacterial agent. And finally, coconut oil has an SPF of 4, which isn’t much at all, but applying coconut oil everyday can provide some sun protection. Coconut oil is an antioxidant that soaks up the free radicals that the UV rays of the sun trigger, preventing further DNA damage.

Coconut oil is a hair and skin winner!




DIY whipped coconut oil perfect for hair and skin

DIY whipped coconut oil perfect for hair and skin



1 cup coconut oil (food grade)

3-5 tsp of essential oil of choice (I like citrus-y ones)


Scoop out 1 cup of room temperature coconut oil (should be solid).

Add your essential oil of choice and whip up using the whip attachment of your Kitchen Aid (or whatever else you use to whip things at home).

Whip for at least one minute, until softened and fluffy.

Place in a clean, glass container to enjoy.