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How to Make the Most Beautiful DIY Holiday Wreath


Last week we went to Downey’s Farm in Caledon and it was beautiful. With the snow and the greenery, everything just looks amazing, if you’re willing to brave the intense cold that is. We were out of there in under 15 minutes, but not before I found a bunch of tree branches with which I have a couple of DIY projects planned, the first being a DIY Holiday Wreath to hang anywhere in your home.

DIY best ever holiday wreath

Downey’s actually had Christmas wreaths that were already made for over $30, but I got a huge bundle of branches for $6.99 and then with a quick stop at Michaels for some other supplies, this wreath cost me around $20 and turned out much better than I expected and took around 20 min to put together.

The wire frame for wreaths from Michaels is a good tool to use to make a wreath, however, you can make the wreath without it, using twist ties instead. I will attempt this with the remaining branches. I also bought fake acorns and berries from Michaels, because they were only a couple of bucks each and look just like the real deal. I can reuse them for upcoming years as well.

DIY holiday wreath

DIY holiday wreath

DIY holiday wreath

DIY holiday wreath


1 bunch of fir tree branches

1 wreath wire frame

pack of fake acorns, berries, or other decorative items



First, cut single branches from the bundle of fir.

Use the twist ties on the wreath frame to secure the branch onto the frame and continue doing this until you have the entire wreath covered and are happy with how bulky it is. I used a total of 5 single branches to cover the entire wreath.

Next, add in your decorative acorns and berries. Place them where you like and again use the twist ties on the frame to secure onto the wreath.

To hang onto a door, just tie a ribbon onto the the wreath and hang on a hook!

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