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2 Ideas for Wrapping Gifts Using Supplies you Have at Home





As you can tell from my blog, I like to find creative ways to make things using items I have at home. I am all about saving money, so I try to find inexpensive ways to do things that normally people spend a ton of money on. And wrapping paper and accessories can really cost a lot! It’s the holiday season and people are already on tight budgets, so I hope the ideas I share with you today will help you out and prevent you from having to spend additional money just to wrap your gift. I will focus today’s post on using items you probably already have at home so you don’t have to go out to buy anything.

But this does involve being the type of person that doesn’t throw things away. Think about what you are throwing out and whether it can be recycled, repurposed or donated. If you apply this mentality, I’m sure you will accumulate items that will help you save money and for the purposes of this blog, wrap gifts!

Next time you receive a gift from anyone, keep the gift bag, tissue paper, ribbon, wrapping paper, or whatever accessory they used to wrap the gift. This is a good way to start your collection. Although, in this blog post, I didn’t use any of these items!

For the first idea, I used leftover wallpaper! I have this beautiful wallpaper from Rifle Paper Co. and while we were applying it on our bedroom wall, I kept every scrap that was left over because I thought it would make an awesome gift wrap! And it does! It’s beautiful, crisp and white and fits perfectly for a holiday gift wrap. To finish it off, I used a scrap piece of fabric to tie a bow around it! I enjoy sewing and usually have a bunch of fabric scraps that I collect but can never find a use for. But for wrapping, they are the perfect! To add a final special touch, I added a piece of fir, an acorn, and a twig, all of which you can find in your backyard!



This second idea is my personal favorite! What I did was use the clear plastic box that the Ferrero Rocher chocolate came in from my previous post. This box when correctly accessorized can look very classy, especially when whatever you are gifting is also visually appealing. I added some fresh fir tree branches cut into small pieces and layered them into the box as a filler. The fir smells amazing and is the perfect filler that you can get right from your backyard! I placed my gift items on top. To finish it off, I used another piece of fabric cut into the size of a ribbon and tied it around the box and placed a couple of dried lavender pieces that I had lying around.

I think these gift wrap ideas turned out amazing and I hope I inspired you to think outside the box and use whatever you have at home to create a beautiful wrap for your gifts! Please let me know in the comments below what you use to wrap gifts and what you think of the ideas I shared today!



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  1. I love your ideas! Your blog is fantastic and the aesthetic is modern and clean. I will definitely visit again soon!

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