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Monthly Favorites – January Favorites


I’ve decided to start doing monthly favorites where I will talk about what I have been loving for the month! These are actually some of my favorite type of YouTube videos to watch, so I’m really excited to share with you all what I have also been loving in terms of food, books, TV shows, podcasts, products and just whatever else I discovered in the month that I think you guys will also like! On to my monthly favorites!

So first up, is the month of January!!! I read a lot of books this month!! I’m already working on my fourth :O I also was sick most of the month as well with the worst cough that kept my up at night, especially in the beginning half of the month. It was also the month I became addicted to podcasts. Normally I used to listen to a couple podcasts a week, but now I listen to around 7 a day!! I usually listen to them at work at 1.5 times the speed and I love em. I’ve discovered so many amazing podcasts and have been listening to a lot of news ones in particular. I have my favorites sorted in categories, so let’s get started:


  • Boom Chicka Pop: When we were in BC during the holidays, we tried the Sweet and Salty Boom Chicka Pop popcorn and it was so addicting!!! And surprisingly, it was low in calories as well (not that I care, but Gursheel sure does) 😛 Anyways, Gursheel made a new years resolution to cut back on chips (we were addicts of Lays) so we bought the Sea Salt popcorn flavored Boom Chicka Pop and it was also amazing and “healthier” according to Gursheel. So, definitely a favorite, and definitely will be trying new flavors in the future. Let me know your favorite flavors down below!
  • Baked Vegan Falafel: Since we discovered that baked falafel tastes just as amazing as fried, I’ve been loving making this recipe!! It is so good! Check out the recipe on the blog!
  • Ricola cough drops:  So, for most of January I was sick. I got sick near the end of December while I was in BC with this horrible cough that would keep me up at night, and it continued on for 3 weeks! And then I discovered Ricola. I had heard of the brand before, but I had never tried it. But, I bought this randomly one day and it was so good, so soothing. I don’t think it anything but make me feel better, which when you are sick makes all the difference!



  • Vintage Revivals: OMG I LOVE THIS BLOG SO SO MUCH!!! It is amazing and I love everything on it! It is a blog about DIY home projects!! The blogger, Mandi, has the most amazing ideas and I am gonna try so many of her projects, and am currently working on one of her lamp DIYs, which I’ll be sharing in a future blog post. I was introduced to this blog by my sister, who sent me a YouTube video of room that Mandi had done for a YouTuber.



  • Saje Rose Hydrating Euphoric Mist: I’ve been using this rose mist for the past 6 months as a toner every morning and it’s so refreshing and hydrating and smells amazing, like roses! But, it just finished the other day. It lasted 6 months which is a looong time! I have another mist, the Jasmine one from Saje that I’ll be using next, but I really want to try to make my own DIY rose mist. Blog post coming in the future, keep your eyes peeled!!


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  • Elantris: I read the Mistborn trilogy a couple of months ago and was obsessed. I was recommended books by the author, Brandon Sanderson, by several people, so I had to read all his books. Elantris is a stand alone book so I finised it a lot faster than the Mistborn trilogy and it was perfect. Amazing plot, amazing characters, and all around a solid book that I think my sister will also love!


  • Under the Influence from CBC Radio: I’ve been listening to a lot of new podcasts this month, but this one by Terry O’Reilly is one of my favorites. It’s a podcast about the ad industry and how were make decisions and are influence by words and images. His voice and how he tells the stories really gets you hooked. I got Gursheel hooked as well!


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  • The Fall: I was recommended this show from my supervisor at work and it is seriously so good! We are hooked. I normally don’t like shows where there is a ton of suspense, a murderer or a combination, but something about this show just sucks me in and I really have been looking forward to watching episodes when we get home. We also recently put a TV in our bedroom, so we enjoy watching it before going to sleep.

I can’t believe January is already over! 1/12 of the year already done, 11 more months to go 🙂


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