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DIY Rose Mist Toner – Affordable Facial Toner


I’ve been loving the Rose Hydrating Mist by Saje, however, last month I finished my bottle! It lasted me a good 6 months and it was well worth the price of $14.95 (although I got it on a discounted price). Anyways, I had a thought that it must be fairly easy to DIY a rose mist for the blog and today I will describe to you how I made this DIY rose mist toner. Super simple, super affordable! And this may just be my shortest blog post ever!

So when I looked at the ingredients on the Saje rose mist, there were just two: distilled water and rose! Well, in a typical Indian household, there is normally some rose water (sometimes added to Indian desserts), so I thought can’t I just put that in a bottle and call it a rose mist? Well doing some google research, I discovered that that is indeed true! You can just use a rose water as a facial toner!! Well, if I literally just added rose water into a bottle, I would have little to write about in this post, so that is why I’m going to add a few more ingredients into the bottle with the rose water, which are the following:

Rose water: well duh, this is going to be 99% of the recipe! And what makes rose water critical to the mist? Well it’s in the name of course šŸ˜› Also, rose is apparently very anti-inflammatory and very hydrating! I agree because I’ve been using it the past 6 months and have probably broken out just once or twice!

Vegetable Glycerin: Honestly speaking, the reason I added this to the recipe is because I literally had it lying around and hadn’t used it in a while. I had bought it a while back because I needed it to make a soap recipe (let me know in the comments below if you want me to write a blog post about affordable and easy soap recipe). Yupp, I had it so I decided to use it. Now that I am looking up the benefits I’m glad I did.

Vegetable glycerin is a clear odorless liquid made from plant oils and has two amazing benefits to the skin. The first is that is is very hydrating for the skin and the second is that it increases the solubility of the active ingredient. This property, in the case of a rose mist, means it will make it easier for the skin to absorb the rose water! Yay for more hydration! Also, it’s better to use this than alcohol, but does the same job.. I must try making more skin care/beauty products that are easy and affordable!

Essential Oils: I chose a combination of essential oils, because I have quite the collection from Saje. I love Saje in case you hadn’t noticed (Saje, please collaborate with me, I love you). I added them just for fun, and to have more than one ingredient in this DIY rose mist (hehe).

That’s all. I literally just added all these things into a bottle (which happened to be my old Saje rose mist bottle, because I love to reuse and recycle of course) and called it a blog post!









The only thing you need to know are the quantities of each, so here we go for the full recipe:


1 cup rose water

2 tbsp vegetable glycerin

2 tsp essential oils of choice

1 glass bottle (better to have a tinted bottle)

1 mini funnel

DIRECTIONS – DIY Rose Mist Toner

Combine all ingredients into a glass bottle using a funnel.

Mix by shaking and spray onto your face to stay hydrated and smelling rose-y!

I hope you all enjoyed this DIY rose mist toner and fore more DIYs, check out the Kamfy Living section of the blog šŸ™‚

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