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May Monthly Favorites and Pixie Mood Review


May is over and I realized I didn’t do an April favorites post, so I will have a lot of my favorites to talk about today including a Pixie Mood review, this awesome vegan cruelty free accessories brand I recently discovered!


  • The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst: This is an amazing miniseries style documentary by HBO about Robert Durst that was recommended to me by a friend from work. It is directed by Andrew Jarecki who made the film All Good Things, starring Ryan Gosling, that is also about Robert Durst, the accused murderer. The show is done amazingly well with interviews with Robert Durst and the best part is the ending. It’s only 6 episodes long and definitely one of my documentaries AND show!


  • The Expanse: Is a Sci Fi novel series that again was recommended by my co-worker and I have been flying through the books, I’m almost done the fourth book by now. There is also a TV show based off the books that I tried watching for a bit, but didn’t enjoy as much as I did the books. Seriously guys, read this book, it’s on my list of favorites! Or watch the show if you are into interesting stories and let me know how it is (I heard good things about the show as well though). The other really interesting thing is the author of the book: James S.A. Corey, which is a pen name of two authors, one of whom was George R.R. Martin’s assistant!



  • Afford Anything: This is probably one of the first podcasts I started listening to and I really do enjoy it. Paula Pant is the host of this podcast and I just love how she explains everything so well. It’s a podcast about learning to spend money wisely and talks about ETFs, real estate investing, etc. It’s targeted towards a US audience, however, just the mentality towards spending is the underlying theme and it really motivates me. Afford Anything basically is about applying the mentality that you can’t afford everything but you can afford anything and therefore you need to be critical as to what you consider important and worth spending money on. One of my favorite money podcasts!


  • Pixie Mood: I discovered this brand when we went to Ottawa. If you haven’t checked out the Ottawa Travel Guide, you must! Anyways, here is a short Pixie Mood review, which is a vegan/cruelty free accessories brand that was founded in Toronto! When I was in Ottawa, I noticed these bags that looked a lot like Mat and Nat, but with unique colors and prints. As I took a closer look I noticed the brand Pixie Mood written on the bags. Then I learned that it is vegan and I was sold and had to purchase something. I bought this card holder which I was actually in need of. I have so many cards, but a couple cards that I use on a daily basis. This was the perfect thing: vegan, useful and beautiful!


  • Blueberry Crossovers Using Puff Pastry: We recently made these quick and easy and delicious puff pastry dessert that you MUST try. I’ve linked the recipe so let me know if you try the recipe!Homemade eggless blueberry crossovers using puff pastry
  • Starbucks Frappuccinos: The only drink I almost ever get at Starbucks is the Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino! I love this drink so much that I remember when I went to UBC, I had one every day in the summer! Yikes. But it was oh so delicious and remains one of my favorite drinks ever! Now that the weather is getting hotter here in Toronto, we get a frappuccino every weekend and what we do instead is get the same drink but with a shot of Peppermint. This combination isn’t for everyone, but I LOVE the chocolate and mint flavor combined. I think in May, we probably had a total of 6 frappuccinos! Not the crazy amount that I had in UBC, but enough to say that our diet in May hasn’t been the best!

Image result for starbucks double chocolate chip frappuccino


  • Boot Camp: On a slightly healthier note, I have been taking Boot Camp classes at U of T and I LOVE them! The class is super intense and is a series of TABATA workouts for a total of 50 minutes. Working out in group setting really motivates you. If I were to do the same workout by myself at home, I would probably just give up in a few minutes, but the group setting makes you think ‘No, if that person can do it, so can I.’ Although another reason you can’t give up in class is because the instructor yells at you for stopping or doing it wrong! Hahaha! Regardless, the class is super fun, intense, and I feel sore for the next three days, which to me is a sign of a successful workout.


  • Lynda courses: And finally, Lynda! So Lynda is an online education company that has thousands of video courses in a variety of topics. I have been taking some related to Google Analytics, Pinterest, and business development. And the amazing thing: they’re FREE! You just go to your local library’s website and click on e-learning, and Lynda courses are available for you to watch! All you need is a library card. Courses that I see offered online for similar topics can range in cost from $100-1000 dollars, but this is the same value (if not more) and it’s entirely free. Really amazing!

I hope you all had an amazing month and if I had to choose my favorite favorite for this month, it would have to be my Pixie Mood card holder. I really hope you all enjoyed the short pixie mood review!

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