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July Monthly Favorites


July is almost over and it’s been a super busy month. My sister in law got married, my family came to visit and I got to spend time with my sister! It’s been an amazing month and I have a bunch of July monthly favorites to share with you all today.


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  • Jillian and Justin: I’m not sure if you all know, but I am a huge Jillian Harris fan! I love Love it or List it and I love her amazing interior design style. So, when she announced she is coming out with a reality show about her life, I had to watch. Jillian and Justin is just 4 episodes long and you can watch it online on the W network as well. My favorite part has been watching her plan the renovations on her new house, from the design process to the cost! And the funny thing, Gursheel also really loves it, more than me I think 😛
  • Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs: I LOVE this show! For those of you that don’t know, I LOVE Hindi/bollywood music! I don’t listen to any English songs or Punjabi songs, but Hindi songs, I listen to quite a bit! And this show is amazing. It is a singing competition for kids from age 5 to age 14 and their voices are amazing! The judges of this show are also some of my favorites singers. But it is the kids that steal the show. I think this season is already at episode 45 and it’s not even close to finishing! Which is fine by me, because any free time I get, I watch this awesome show!


  • AskPat: Pan Flynn is someone who I have been learning a lot from about blogging and growing your own business and the AskPat podcast he has is amazing. He does it every weekday where someone calls in to ask a question about any topic related to business, blogging and marketing. The podcast episode is always quite short (less than 10 minutes). So, it is basically getting one easy tip/trick for your business every day. Also, Pat Flynns’ other podcast, Smart Passive Income, is equally amazing!



  • Aloo Paratha: This has made my favorites before and it is making it again. I don’t have much to say except if you follow this recipe you will make the best ever parathas ever!! I definitely want to start sharing more Indian food recipes on the blog as I learn more myself!
  • Peace Collective Peace Treats:  When Takdeer came, her one main request was we go to the Peace Collective, Peace Treats shop to get this amazing dessert! And I’m so glad we did. The milkshake is so decadent, but definitely something you share, because in no way can one person finish this themselves. It’s also the perfect treat on a hot summer day!Image result for peace treats


  • Vistaprint: I used this company for our wedding cards and also recommended it to my sister in law to use for theirs and both of us experienced amazing service and amazing prices. Gursheel also recently used to it to purchase some business cards for his new, but much awaited photography business. If you don’t already follow Gursheel on all his social media, make sure to check out his work and if you have any event coming up, keep him in mind! Anyways, Gursheel just purchased some business cards from Vistaprint and they turned out amazing! However, he didn’t ask me before he purchased them so he lost out on the oppurtunity to get them for much cheaper, although the price is already pretty affordable. But guys, if you need anything printed from vistaprint, I have some promo codes to hook you up with amazing prices! Don’t miss out like Gursheel did! I just had to include it in my July monthly favorites!

  • S’well bottle: I was fortunate to receive a S’well bottle from some friends for my birthday a couple years ago and I have literally used this water bottle every single day since then. It is seriously the best water bottle ever. It looks amazing and more importantly, it keeps my water fresh and cold. In the summer cold water is essential and therefore I wanted to give the company a shoutout. Also, If you go to their website and sign up for their email, you can get 15% off your first order. And I’m pretty sure your first order will be your last. Because this water bottle holds up very very well! And it is definitely one the my favorite July monthly favorites! Image result for swell bottle
  • Bluetooth Headphones:I recently bought these and have been loving them. They are super useful and don’t get tangled in anything. Because they are wireless, they make life so much easier! Give them a try!

That’s it for the July monthly favorites! See you next week!

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