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Seville Travel Guide


I’m back and with a Seville Travel Guide!

If you could only had one day in Spain or Portugal and needed to decide where to go, Seville would hands down be it! I’ve been to Barcelona in the past, and during this trip went to Madrid, Segovia and Seville, and Seville is definitely my favorite. Walking around in Seville feels unreal and everywhere you go seems majestic. So today, I will talk about our 2 day Seville travel guide!

Starting with the one place I was most excited about: the Royal Alcazar, famous for where the Dorne scenes in Game of Thrones are filmed. You can actually recognize a lot of the scenes from the show at the Alcazar. The Alcazar of Seville is actually the royal palace that the royal family of Spain still uses (but only the upper floors). It is BEAUTIFUL! It has so much beautiful architecture and was original built by the Moorish Muslim kings. Everywhere you go here you will get amazing pictures with the most beautiful backdrop. And Gursheel and I made sure to take a lot! The next few pictures are all from the Royal Alcazar and I love them all!

The cost to enter the Alcazar is 9.50 euro, however if you are a student, it is only 2 euro. I still am an unclassified student at UBC so I got to enter with the student price! Which was definitely a win! Also, you can purchase the tickets to the Alcazar online, which is actually a good idea, since the lines for getting tickets is LONG! Another thing to remember is that the Palace closes at 5pm! Oh, and they have security and metal detectors here, although we wore our kirpans and we were fine to enter. The Alcazar is the one place on the Seville travel guide that you HAVE to go to!

Portugal and Spain 2017

Portugal and Spain 2017

Seville travel guide


Seville travel guide

Seville travel guide

Seville travel guide

These were all pictures at the Alcazar of Seville and I hope you will agree with me that the Alcazar is beautiful! Everywhere you go and look you just want to have pictures taken! You can easily spend a few hours here, although the intense heat of Seville does prevent you from being outside for too long.

Right beside the Alcazar of Seville is the famous Seville Cathedral which is stunning! The fee to enter is 8 euro, although for students it is 4 euro. The Cathedral is open till 7 pm, so you can easily spend a few hours here after visiting the Alcazar.

My first impression of this cathedral was Lord of the Rings. You remember that scene from the Fellowship of the Ring where the fellowship is in Mines of Moria and being chased by the goblins in this giant hall. Well that is how it felt being in this Cathedral. It is massive and is the largest cathedral in the world. You can also climb to the Giralda, or the Bell Tower from the Cathedral and it is quite the workout. But once you get to the top you get an amazing view of the city!


Seville travel guide

Seville travel guide

This was the view we got from the top!

Another place I wanted to visit in Seville was the Maria Luisa Park. Gursheel and I actually walked around everywhere in Seville from our airbnb (which was amazing btw) just so we could appreciate the city. However, be warned, you have to walk quite a bit to get in between places and it is HOT! Seville was always 40 degrees if not more everyday we were there!

We walked to Maria Luisa Park and it was far. I think it took us 30 minutes in the heat to get there. But it was well worth it. We took a break in the shade of trees and got some amazing photos as well.

Seville travel guide

And right by the park is the Plaza de Espana which is a plaza with amazing architectural detail. You may also recognize it from the Star Wars movie.


Seville travel guide

Another place that was in the middle of the city that I really wanted to visit was the Metropol Prasol. It is a wooden structure that is the largest in the world. The structures apparently join to form a large mushroom, although I didn’t see the mushroom. You can visit level 1 of the structure for free, although to get the the second and third level you have to pay a small fee. We didn’t get a chance to visit the top, although the small fee of 4 euro makes it an affordable thing to do. I couldn’t find a good shot of this place but you can see a part of the structure on the top right of this picture.


Everywhere we went to in Seville felt like we were in an old movie and the details of every building we saw were amazing. I’ve never taken this many pictures of myself but I sure am glad I did!




In terms of vegan food in Seville, there is a lot. My favorite place was Organics because it is all vegan, it is affordable and super yummy and healthy. We also got some delicious vegan gelato from Puro and Bio.

One thing I have to mention in this Seville Travel Guide is that water is essential! So, get yourselves a good water bottle that keeps water cold and you will be golden. Seville is a hot city and water is a necessity. I have a S’well water bottle and it seriously is the best!

Price Break Down (2 days in Seville):

Food: 63.50 euro

Gas: 23.14 euro (to fill up our rental car)

Entertainment: 30.50 euro

Stamps: 2.55 euro

Total: 119.69 euro

Hope you enjoyed this Seville travel guide. Up next, our final destination: Madrid/Segovia!

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  1. Lovely article! I’m loving your site as well 🙂
    I was in Seville fall of 2016. Wishing I knew about the vegan gelato then!
    A stand out for me was La Cacharreria. A sweet little place that had some
    delicious vegan options.

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