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5 Reasons You Need to Try Castile Soap and My Favourite Brands


Hi friends!! So, Gursheel and I have been trying to get rid of body and skin care products as well as cleaning products that are full of chemicals and moving towards products with minimal ingredients, cruelty free and with all natural ingredients. The one product that we have discovered and we love that is a game changer is Castile Soap! We have been using it for a couple of months now and it is useful for so many things which I will be sharing with you all today.

There are a bunch of castile soap companies the most popular being Dr. Woods and Dr. Bronner’s. They both work the same, so I usually purchase whichever one is on sale. I’ve noticed that Amazon.ca has them for more inexpensive than stores in the GTA, although if anyone knows a stores here that carries them for a decent price, please let me know.

Okay, so let’s get to it. 5 Reasons why you need to try Castile Soap:

1. It is made with vegetable oils (Vegan), not tallow (an animal fat) that is in most body care products:

Castile soap is named after where it originated in Castile, Spain and it is a soap that is made entirely with vegetable oils. It can be made of a mixture of oils including coconut, olive, hemp, avocado, almond and walnut oils. It comes in both bar and liquid format in case you have a preference.

A lot of people that visit my blog are vegetarian and may be aware that many skin care/body washes contain tallow, an animal fat. Castile soap is among the few products that doesn’t contain tallow and is completely vegan.

2. Organic, Natural and Free of Toxins:

Castile soap is safe and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. The soap is full of natural ingredients and therefore it biodegrades quickly back to nature. It therefore doesn’t have any harmful side effects that can be seen in synthesized products. Because Castile soap is biodegradable and nontoxic, it’s safe to use on kids and around the house as well.

Common traditional body washes and shampoos often contain harsh antibacterial additives that can disrupt hormones. Again Castile Soap contains none of this so you can count it to be safe to use for cleaning your body, face, hair and even house!

3. Lathers easily:

When I was vegan a couple of years ago, I bought many vegan body and skin care products and my biggest issue with them was that they didn’t lather easily. I know the idea of lathering and creating foam originated from advertising companies and doesn’t have anything to do with how well the product cleans, however, I need the foam! I love it when things lather and foam up, it makes me think the product is effectively cleaning. Well, another amazing thing about Castile soap is that it lathers easily!! You have no idea how happy this makes me!

4. Antibacterial/Perfect all purpose cleaner:

I would love to do a post all about how you can use Castile Soap as a regular cleaning product for a bunch of things in your house. Because it has so many uses! It can be mixed with water, vinegar or baking soda to be used as a cleaning product for counters, sinks, tubs, floors, toilets, the list goes on. You can even use it to wash dishes and can even replace laundry detergent with it. I’m slowly learning how I can create recipes using Castile Soap to clean almost everything in our house. If you are looking for a all natural recipe on how you can clean your mirrors and windows, check out this post! It is the only cleaning recipe I have on this blog so far, but you can definitely count on more in the future!

5. Makes a Perfect Shampoo:

I haven’t tried it yet as a shampoo, but liquid Castile soap can make a perfect shampoo alternative. I have gone through a bunch of shampoos and have finally found the one that works for both Gursheel and I. So, I’m waiting until that shampoo finishes before I try using Castile soap as a shampoo alternative. Normal shampoos are full of detergents that can strip your scalp of their oils, however, Castile soap cleans your hair without stripping your scalp. To use it as a shampoo, you will most likely need to dilute it using some water. When I find the perfect recipe I will be sure to share with you all.

castile soap

I hope this post educates you all about an amazing product out there that can be used as your daily body wash, face wash and even cleaning product for your home. I recently learned about the benefits of Castile Soap and there is so much it can be used for. I’m trying to minimize on the number of products we have in our home and Castile Soap is an alternative that can replace many of these common household products!

Have any of you used Castile Soap before? What is your favourite way to use it?

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