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5 Things to Do in Parkdale Toronto


Last weekend Gursheel and I went to Parkdale Toronto and had an amazing time. There was so much to see, do and eat and I just loved the vibe of the area. I’ve narrowed down my top 5 things to do in Parkdale Toronto if you ever are in the area and need some suggestions!

1. Have Brunch at Mythology Diner

Mythology Diner is a new vegan spot that just opened a month ago! They have all the classic breakfast options, but they are all vegan! The place is super busy and we came at 2:30pm and barely got a spot before they stop taking orders at 2:45 pm before opening up for dinner in the evening. I got the french toast and was pleasantly surprised.

2. Check Out Some Cool Graffiti Art

There is so much cool graffiti in the area and so many cool spots to take pictures in front of! As you walk around the area there is so much art to admire. Some of my favourite murals were the Parkdale graffiti and this amazing one:

5 things to do in parkdale toronto

3. Buy Some Flowers or Plants or Take a Workshop

Coriander Girl is an amazing florist on the border of Parkdale so I thought it was perfectly fine to include here. I was looking for a florist in Toronto that had a storefront and Coriander Girl was perfect! I bought a foral arrangement for myself, just cause! If you are in the area, it’s worthwhile to check out this cute shop.

Crown Flora Studio is another great option if you love plants, although they also sell fresh cut flowers. Their studio is super cute and is painted pink all over the outside, making it a perfect place to take some pictures! They had an amazing selection of plants but what caught my attention the most was their Classic Terrarium Workshop! So, if you are in Parkdale for a day, this is the perfect thing to do for a couple hours!

4. Relax and Warm Up with Some Tea at the Kitten and the Bear

The Kitchen and the Bear is this super cute shop that sells jams and jellies while serving scones and specialty tea and coffee. Unfortunately they glaze their scones with an egg wash so we were unable to try the scones. However, their tea was very yummy.

They also provide a jam and tea service where you can choose from an amazing selection of gorgeous tea cups and plates and try an assortment of scones, jams and teas. If you don’t eat egg, then I suggest o just try some tea and buy a jar of jam to try!

5. Grab Some Amazing Coffee and Vegan Dessert at Safehouse Coffee

This cute coffee shop is on the outskirts of Parkdale but just took us 5 minutes to walk towards. We got some chai tea lattes and they were so so good!! They even had a couple of vegan dessert options and we tried a cookie that was the perfect combo with the chai tea latte. They are located next to some more plant stores and this cool vegan store called Good Rebel that sells all the vegan products you ever need including vegan cheeses. It was a good find and one of my personal favourite things to do in Parkdale Toronto!

5 things to do in parkdale toronto


5 things to do in parkdale toronto




5 things to do in parkdale toronto

5 things to do in parkdale toronto

Hope you found this post on 5 things to do in Parkdale Toronto useful! Comment below if you have any other suggestions on things to/eat in Parkdale!


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