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Best Vegan Restaurants New York City


New York City was a pretty unique experience, but my favourite part of the trip was all the amazing vegan we tried. So, today will be all about the best vegan restaurants New York has.

1. By Chloe.

NYC has 3 By Chloe. locations and we were able to visit 2 of them in our trip. By Chloe. is a 100% vegan restaurant that is so busy that you need to be quick to snag a seat as soon as a table becomes available. The food was so so delicious here and fairly affordable. I had the pesto pasta and burger during my 2 visits and they were equally amazing. They also offer a couple of condiments so make sure you take some chipotle mayo! It elevated the food to a whole other level. We really wanted to visit the Sweets by Chloe. location for dessert, but it was too far out of our way to visit. Maybe another time! Definitely one of the better vegan restaurants New York has to offer.

Best Vegan Restaurants New York City

Best Vegan Restaurants New York City

Best Vegan Restaurants New York City

2. Terri

Terri was another amazing 100% vegan restaurant that was so good we came twice! They have 3 locations and we visited 2 of them on our trip. I tried their chickpea avocado wrap as well as their portobello panini, both of which were so delicious. However, the highlight of this restaurant was their Butterfinger shake! So so good, you need to give it a try!

3. PS Kitchen

We went to this restaurant for dinner one night and it was definitely the fanciest place we tried. It is a 100% vegan restaurant and it is quite formal and on the pricier side. The portions were small and the price tag was high. However, the customer service, quality and overall aesthetic was definitely well worth the price. Although the food was delicious, I would suggest trying some of the other restaurants I mention in this post, especially if you are on a budget.

4. Cinnamon Snail

Cinnamon Snail has multiple locations as well. We went to the location in the food plaza inside Madison Square Garden. I tried some tater tots and my sister had some mac and cheese that I also tried. All the food here is also completely vegan, however, the flavour was lacking in some of their dishes and I would not recommend this restaurant.

Best Vegan Restaurants New York City

5. Peacefood Cafe

I have to say Peacefood Cafe was probably my favourite and best of the vegan restaurants New York had to offer. It was fairly closet to the American Museum of Natural History, so it was the perfect place to visit for lunch. Once again, it is a 100% vegan restaurant and it is quite busy. We had to wait a half hour before we got a seat.

During that time I tried their chocolate cake which was absolutely divine. All the other girls tried the cheesecake, which they couldn’t stop praising, making me think the chocolate cake I had was nothing compared to the cheesecake. I need to go back and try the cheesecake just so I know how good it actually was! When we got our table, we had such great customer service and the food itself was delicious. The food portions are huge compared to the price! I highly recommend this place if you are in New York City!

best vegan restaurants New York peace food cafe

There were a couple other places we visited that although weren’t 100% vegan, but had vegan options. Sprinkles had an amazing vegan cupcake that my sister tried and Doughnut Plant had some amazing eggless as well as vegan donuts. There were also a couple of vegan juice places we tried some acai bowls and smoothies, however, I think they were just okay compared to places I’ve been to in Vancouver. Finally we also visited some coffee shops to warm up with a quick latte and take some pictures of the cute shops/cups. Coffee shops are always my favourite to visit!

best vegan restaurants New York

best vegan restaurants New York

New york travel guide

Best Vegan Restaurants New York City

I hope you found this vegan restaurants New York has to offer guide useful. I really hope you try these restaurants and let me know what you think!

Also, next week I’ll be sharing with you all what we did in New York City! We learned a lot and I can’t wait to share with you our experience!

New york travel guide


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