Ideas for Healthy and Green Living – Guest Post by Emma Joyce


Hi friends! Today I have an amazing blog post for you that is written by Emma B. Joyce on ideas for healthy and green living. I am so excited for this post because Emma gives some really great tips. I hope you enjoy this post and keep your eyes peeled for even more ways you can start healthy and green living!

Ideas for Healthy and Green Living

There are a lot of things you can do in order to protect the environment and create a better future for your children. Firstly, you need to start thinking small and making a change in your own home, making it more sustainable. Also, you need to think about your daily habits – soon enough, you’ll learn that even the smallest of changes in your routine can transform your life and make it greener. To achieve that, you need to follow a few simple rules and learn what you can give back to the nature. It’s not that hard to make this choice and stay on the right track, you just need to be willing to make an effort. Here are some examples of how you can live healthily and be more satisfied with the changes that are beneficial to the environment.

Opt for minimal

You’ve probably heard many times that less is actually more, and this should be your home design motto as well. For example, it’s better to remove the clutter and leave only those things you’ll definitely use. That will come in handy in so many ways, starting with making cleaning and organizing easier. Many trendsetters are fans of this style and they all like to point out the beauty of a functional and beautiful home. So, go through every room twice and evaluate your belongings – you’ll find so many things you can donate or sell at a garage sale. This will allow you to declutter your home, which will play a significant role in relieving stress. Keep in mind that it’s always better to let go of something and let it find its way to a new owner.

Don’t forget the garden

Having green and organized garden is something you don’t immediately think of when you want to transition to a healthy lifestyle, but just imagine all the exterior space you can use in so many ways. Many Aussies know that spending time with the family is what feeds you with energy, so they like to be outdoors and enjoy. This is why many Australian families hire companies like Manna Landscapes to help them create the best design for their gardens. Having a fully functional garden and backyard is a great way to spend time together, play family games, enjoy fresh air and hang out in the open.

Recycle and reuse

A key component of green living is finding different uses for the things you own without spending money on buying new pieces. This goes for even the smallest items like your decorative elements, so rearrange them – what you don’t like in one room can now be a breath of fresh air in another. Apart from that, start recycling everything you definitely don’t need: furniture, electronics and even clothes. This also means to dividing the trash and separating the plastic, paper and glass. Bring that to your local recycling center and you can use the money for small repairs at your home.

Use natural elements

If you find yourself in need of something new, be sure it’s made out of natural materials. Don’t worry – you’ll have a wide choice for almost anything you need and you can be creative and play with the design. Wood is the first choice, so go a step further and find products from recycled wood as these are much cheaper. When it comes to materials, always check the labels and see the composition: this particularly goes for new clothes you can always buy on sales. There are also a variety of rugs, beddings, clothes and much more you can find in stores that support a sustainable way of life. New trends all have natural materials included in their trendy picks, so if you’re a fashionista, this is another reason to make this transition.

ideas for healthy and green living

Lastly, don’t forget to add a few plants to your home and enjoy having a piece of outdoors in the comfort of living space. Completely changing your life is never an easy task, but if you have a positive mindset, you can do this without even noticing. Soon enough, you’ll see the difference in the quality of life and teach everyone around you a valuable lesson.

Emma BJoyce is blogger based in AustraliaShe is a true home decor and DIY fanaticEmma is also a mum who likes to spend her free time with her daughter. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She is an editor-in-chief at Smooth Decorator.

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