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Toronto Fashion District – What to Do and Where to Eat


Hi friends, I just realized I had written this post a year ago but never posted it! Some of you always message me for things to do and places to eat in Toronto and I think this is a perfect post all about Toronto Fashion District. Hope you enjoy!

Toronto Fashion District

This past weekend, Gursheel wanted to go to Graffiti Alley and I wanted to check out some fabric stores that a local fashion designer told me about that are on Queen Street. Little did we know that both Graffiti Alley and the fabric stores on Queen Street were not only part of the Toronto Fashion District (or Garment District), but were on the same street! It was a win win! We parked a bit further away so had to walk in the intense heat to get to Queen street.

But Queen Street was so cool! There are so many garment stores that I was reminded slightly of fabric stores in India (just not as messy). The selection was pretty good and I bought some zippers for an upcoming project. They had brass zippers for $1 (all varying sizes from 3”-12”)! I have bought brass zippers from amazon for $6/each so this is an amazing price! I’m so excited for my next sewing project! Be on the lookout, it’ll be great.



So, Graffiti Alley aka Rush Lane is an alley that is a few blocks long that was painted by a non-profit organization called Style in Progress. All the graffiti is completely legal and every summer they take over the alley and paint for a 24-hour period. I definitely want to check out them painting next year because the graffiti art is so so beautiful! The good stuff is near the end and so worth it.



Food in the Fashion District

In terms of food, there were a couple of vegan friendly restaurants in the area, but we decided to go to Fresh. Fresh has four locations in Toronto, but we went to the one in the Toronto Fashion District on Queen Street West. I wasn’t too hungry so I got the bread, olives and dukkah which was an appetizer. Personally, I thought the olives and dukkah were way to salty, but I really did like the bread. Fresh is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant with a ton of selection, so I kind of regret not trying something else, because I definitely wasn’t a fan of this starter.

Gursheel, however, ordered a burger and his food looked and tasted amazing! Definitely want to go back and try everything off their menu, they even have a dessert menu. Too bad I was too full to try anything else!


We also went to the Kupfert and Kim across the street from Fresh, another vegan restaurant that serves quick-serving items like coffee, sandwiches, and their best seller: waffles! I loved the aesthetic of this place and have been to some of their other locations as well.

Happy exploring!

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