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DIY Sprinkle Backdrop


One of my most popular blog posts has been the How to Set up a DIY Photo Booth, so I thought it would useful if I shared a fun idea for a backdrop to use for your next event! We created a beautiful DIY sprinkle backdrop for my sister’s wedding and it was so fun and easy to set up!

DIY sprinkle backdrop DIY sprinkle backdrop

Okay, step number one is to set up the board. Fortunately, my dad likes to help us with our annoying projects, and he’s always so resourceful and creative. I took my dad to Home Depot to find something that would be stable enough to serve as the backdrop and we found some white sheets of wood that we got cut in half. My dad used some pieces of wood he already had at home to secure the two pieces using nails to the ground (see pictures below). If this is too difficult, just find a good place you can lay your pieces of wood against so that it is stable.

Because we purchased a white sheet of plywood, we didn’t even need to paint anything! The next step was to just get the family and tell them to be creative in putting the sprinkle decals all over the board. Just try not to put all the same color decals next to each other! We used only one of these confetti sprinkle packs, and they contained more than enough decals to fill the entire DIY sprinkle backdrop. They were also super easy to put on. Just peel, and stick on the board. Easy Peasy!

DIY sprinkle backdrop

DIY sprinkle backdrop

DIY sprinkle backdrop DIY sprinkle backdrop

DIY sprinkle backdrop

And there you have it! Behold the beautiful DIY sprinkle backdrop and then takes lots of pictures! Click on this post as to how you can easily set up your own DIY photobooth imaging station! And if you’re looking for more sprinkle themed DIY ideas, check out this bridal shower idea, and these fun favors for sprinkle jars and chocolate bars!

***Photos by the The Nickersons

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