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5 Easy Ways to Transform any Space


Hi friends! A couple months ago I did a poll on what kind of content you’d like to see more of on the blog and many of you wanted more design related posts. Not just room reveals, like our bedroom reveal, but also things I do to even design a room. Although I’m no interior designer, I do have a love for design and am always looking for ways to transform any space. As you all know, I love to do things on a budget or do DIYs wherever possible. So, today I’m going to share with you 5 easy ways to transform any space. These are simple, realistic things you can do today, not the more intensive ideas like ceiling tiles, that do make a big difference but are out of budget right now for me.

our bedroom reveal - affordable decor

5 Easy Ways to Transform Any Space

Fresh Coat of Paint

In any room I do, I first love to give the room a fresh coat of paint. Usually, I like to opt for a shade of white, since it gives a room so much freshness, however, any color will give the room a fresh look. Even if you paint the room the same color again, you’ll notice a huge transformation.

our bedroom reveal - affordable decor

Blinds/window treatment

Second, I love to think about the windows and the light that they bring in. I love rooms with big windows since they bring in tons of natural light. However, regardless of the type of window in your room, there are a few ways you can jazz it up. First, I love to add curtains, drapes or shades and you can usually get nice affordable ones from IKEA. You can even get some great selection from Ambition Blinds. And if you’re looking to spend a little more, I would even suggest getting new windows. Glow Glass has a great selection. I can’t stress how much difference having nice windows makes in any room. Natural light just elevates the look of any room you work on.

our bedroom reveal - affordable decor

Add plants

If your space is looking a bit boring and needs some personality, add in some plants. Plants bring so much life and color to any space. They instantly make a room look designer. Also plants always make me happy, so there’s that too šŸ™‚

our bedroom reveal - affordable decor


I believe it is texture, not necessarily color that brings a lot of dimension to a room. And textiles are a great way to add texture. Add in things like throws and cushions to your bed or a chair or even a sofa and you’ll instantly make the space look inviting and cozy. Throws and cushions also serve a practical function, since you can always grab one to stay warm or cozy up with a book.

our bedroom reveal - affordable decor


Finally, you need to make the space truly yours and the best way I think is to add framed photos around the room. You can put pictures up in a strategic way to make it go well with the room. I like to decide what pictures I want beforehand based off the color scheme and size of frame. You can create a gallery wall or just hang frames individually. I love to frame Gursheel’s photography, since he has so many great shots, however, you can always find great prints on Etsy or even frame your special moments in life.

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