Kitchen Lighting You Hadn’t Considered


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Your kitchen might have the function of cooking, but if the space is big enough it’s likely you’ll entertain in there too. Whilst lighting might not seem like the most important factor when it comes to designing a kitchen, the right lighting can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the space. These are some lighting ideas you might not have considered for your kitchen.

For kitchens that serve more than one purpose you’ll want to invest in lighting that is functional for the task of cooking, as well as creating a beautiful ambience when you’re entertaining in the space.

Plinth lighting

Plinth lights are a lighting source that’s often overlooked in the kitchen, but it can really add depth to your design and gives the space a soft glow. Take a look at Light Supplier, the site have a range of square kickboard lights that are ideal for giving your kitchen a polished and high-end feel.

Under-cupboard lighting

Installing lights under your high cupboards in the kitchen not only adds a great amount of task lighting that makes it easier to see when you’re chopping, but it also adds a stylish element to the room too.

Downlights that are installed under the cupboard can be recessed into the bottom of your overhead units, or you could also use LED strip lighting on the underside of cupboards.

It’s important to remember to install this lighting near the front of the cabinets so you’re not just lighting up the back of the worktop.


Make your kitchen lighting multi-functional by installing dimmer switches in the room. They’re a great solution for being able to transition your lights from task lighting to ambient lighting when you’re using the space for entertaining and relaxing. It’s a simple idea but the effect it has is quite impactful, allowing you to control the atmosphere of the room.

Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is the perfect option for those with a small kitchen or a low ceiling. They’re a seamless choice that sees bulbs fitting into the ceiling, and you don’t have to worry about a hanging light design interfering with the space in the kitchen.

Give your kitchen a lighter feel with white recessed lights that blend with the colour of the ceiling, and position them to ensure there are no dark spaces in your kitchen.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting looks particularly good in larger kitchen spaces, such as those with an island or a dining table. The pendant lights can be hung over the dining table to help to break up the space, or create a feature when hung over the island.

Not only are they great source of light, but they also add a beautiful design element to the room too.

Cabinet lightings

Ideal if you’ve got a couple of glass cabinet doors in your kitchen, cabinet lights help to create a design feature in the room and shine a light on some interesting pieces you might have in the cabinet.

Drawer lighting

Ideal for large and deep drawers were you can’t always see what’s in them, drawer lighting might certainly be an afterthought when it comes to designing your kitchen but it’s a stunning feature that you could definitely add in.

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