Design Ideas For A Totally Unique Home Decor


Nobody wants a house that looks just like a showroom or every other house that they see on Instagram – right? Well, maybe some do, but many people want to create an entirely unique home decor that is all their own. Here, there are a handful of design ideas that should inspire you to create your very own unique home decor that’s unlike anything else you’ve seen before. Take a look and see what you can do! 

Work With An Interior Designer 

Working with an interior designer could be the first step if you don’t consider yourself someone who can design a unique home without it looking a little mish mashed. An interior designer will be able to take all of your likes and ideas and put them together to create something that looks cohesive yet unique at the same time. It’ll cost a little more, but if you want to avoid getting bored of your interior and you want to enjoy it for years to come, it’s worth spending the money. 

Put Together Your Colour Scheme 

Put together a colour scheme that makes you happy. You can use the colour wheel to see which colours contrast and match the best. Look into the ‘moods’ of colours too. For example, blue is a great colour to use in rooms where you would like to feel tranquil and at peace. 

Mix Up Patterns 

Mixing up patterns can be a lot of fun and make a room look more textured. You could mix dots with florals, for example, or just about any pattern you want. All you have to do is make sure you do this carefully so it doesn’t look too messy. For example, the rule of three is usually a good place to start. Three patterns, your favourite used 60%, second used 30%, and last one used just 10%. 


Use Lots of Texture 

Using lots of texture stops a room from looking dull and cold. If you want to create a cosy feel, texture is the way forward. Incorporate things like suede, leather, wool, bamboo, and other textures you may like. This website might surprise you when you see how concrete style materials can be used to create a unique looking home decor. 

Mix Up Styles That You Like 

Don’t be afraid to mix up decor styles either. For example, if there are two styles you love, such as vintage and eclectic, you can mix up pieces from both styles to create something unique. Don’t mix too many styles, though! 

Go Vintage Shopping 

Vintage shopping will mean picking up some amazing pieces that nobody else has. If you have the money, you might even want to invest in an antique. 

Don’t Forget The Artwork 

No home is complete without artwork. This is your opportunity to show off your tastes and change the feel of your home completely. Artwork speaks to the soul and can be used in so many creative ways! 

You’ll love how your home decor turns out after using this advice!

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