Getting Comfy In Your New Home


Getting comfy in your new home is a hard task to do in the first few weeks. Comfort and your home will just not go in the same sentence, and it’s so easy to feel like you’re out of your depth with trying to turn your home into the paradise it needs to be. A lot of you will start out by sleeping on a blow up mattress whilst you organise everything, and often there can be delays that cause a big problem. But the sooner you can get comfy in your home, the sooner you can feel like you’re happy with the decision that you’ve made. Because moving home is such a stressful time, and such a big decision to make, and we want it to go as well as it possibly can for you. So, we’re going to show you how you can get extra comfy in your new home, especially now that the seasons are changing and the days are going to get colder, you need that extra level of comfort.

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Stop Stressing About The Timeline

The timeline is something we all like to stick to. It’s so easy to build up this image in your head of moving out of one home, and being settled with everything installed and decorated in the next one, within the first two or three weeks. But in reality the timeline is a lot longer than that, and delays can cause a big stress, especially if you’ve moved out of one home and the next is not ready. But rather than panicking and stressing, have a look into storage solutions to see if you can find a short term one that suits you. You need to make sure that you have somewhere to put all of your items whilst the delays are happening, and storage is most likely going to be the best solution. Don’t put pressure on the timeline, just take everyday as it comes, and go with the flow. The more you stress, the more likely things are going to go wrong.

Winter Essentials

Although it might not officially winter yet, winter essentials are definitely something that you need to think about, because the cold weather is definitely here. So think about filling your home with everything fluffy. From throws on the beds and sofas, to rugs in the bedroom and the living room that add that level of winter comfort that we all need in our life. Warm decor choices are also essential. Bright colours are for the summer months, so you should try and focus on warmer tones for the accessories, such as the rug and throw colours!

Bringing Out Your Interior Design Flare

Interior design is not something that comes naturally to everyone, but if you draw from inspiration that you see, you’ll turn your home into a beautiful interior design creation in no time. So have a look at social media pages such as Pinterest and Instagram. There are so many pages with inspiration on there, it all depends on the style you like.

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