Why Japan Should Be On Your Bucket List


Image by Masashi Wakui from Pixabay 

Have you noticed that more and more people who you know are visiting Japan? Moving to Japan? Studying in Japan? It seems like it’s everyone’s go-to place now and if you’re interested in learning Japanese then have a look here. By 2020, the Japanese government expects more than 40 million foreign travelers to visit each year. Some experts think Japan will become the most visited nation by the year 2030. So, what is the fuss about? And why should you be adding it to your bucket list?

It’s Friendly And Safe

Japan is virtually crime-free, and surveys very often reveal Japan as one of the friendliest places to spend a holiday. The Japanese are helpful, understanding, and always willing to assist tourists in need. Many locals speak decent English, so if you speak very slowly and clearly, most adults will be able to grasp your meaning. 

There’s Amazing Transportation

The trains, buses, planes and ferry boats in Japan run on time, and the big cities are covered from end to end with rail lines, making it a simple task to get from one place to another.

Buses and taxis are the same way. The streets are full of them, and it’s always easy to find one going your way for the right price. The country boasts 175 airports and is also home to the “Bullet Train,” a system of 250 super-speed trains that connect most of the big cities.

It’s Home To Incredible Natural Wonders

Volcanoes, scenic mountaintops, glaciers, exotic wildlife, and crystal clear lakes are just part of Japan’s charm. You’ve got Mt. Fuji: Japan’s tallest and best-known mountain, Onsen which is hot springs, Cherry blossoms, snow monkeys and volcanoes, to name a few. 

The Amazing Food And Drink

Many people consider the matcha as the best tea in the world; it is a Japanese home-grown product. Ramen is another Japanese creation that combines wheat noodles, fish or meat broth, seasoning, and various toppings like seaweed, pork or onions and is now a worldwide favorite. Then you have Sushi as well, which is is definitely something you want to try in its home country. 

Japanese Experiences

Japan is the home of karaoke, sumo wrestling, and dozens of unique social customs. Take the tea ceremony; for example, this is an ancient art form which was originally a religious ceremony.and is one of the most beautiful activities that tourists can take part in. You can then go and watch some Sumo, the ancient Japanese form of wrestling. 

Unique Places

Kyoto is the nation’s old capital, a living piece of history as it is largely preserved and unharmed through world wars and natural disasters, the city is a favorite of travelers who tire of big cities and want to see what old Japan was really like. Then you’ve got Tokyo, Japan’s largest city, which is home to nearly 40 million people and is one of the wonders of the world. Every trip to the country should include at least one day in Tokyo.

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