Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom On A Budget



Our bathrooms can be a real sanctuary when we’ve had a long and hard day. There’s nothing better than relaxing in the tub with a candle or two on the burn when your feeling stressed. When your bathrooms looking a bit shabby, you’re less inclined to use it for such a spa-like experience! If you want to achieve the bathroom of your dreams, but you don’t want to break the bank, here come a few simple ideas.

Declutter & Deep Clean

First things first, when your bathroom is cluttered and in need of a clean, the whole room quickly looks a mess. Go through all your cupboards, counters and products, get rid of anything that you don’t need and organise the things that you want to keep. For the most luxurious looking bathroom, it’s best to keep as many personal items out of sight as possible. Use drawers and baskets to keep your essentials in and go for a minimal look. Bathrooms usually don’t have lots of space, so the more minimal that you go, the bigger the room will appear. Having a deep clean doesn’t have to involve lots of expensive and toxic products. You can give your bathroom a deep clean using vinegar, baking soda, lemons and some good scrubbing brushes. Olive oil is a great go-to for polishing your chrome features until they are extra shiny. Decluttering your bathroom is the first and easiest step.

Add some artwork

You don’t have to do a huge remodel to jazz up your bathroom, for a budget-friendly fix; why not add some artwork? There are plenty of affordable and beautiful pieces of art out there from photography to illustration. Check your local art galleries, check Etsy, and second-hand stores to see what lovely things you can find. Artwork representing oceans, rivers or boats can be just perfect for the bathroom space. If you don’t have much wall space, go for something small or mid-sized so that it’s not too overpowering. 

Spa touches 

There are plenty of spa-touches you can add to your bathroom to give it that luxury factor. Firstly, invest in some calming scents that will help you to relax in the bathroom. Essential oils can be used to give the bathroom a lovely aroma; added to a bath; or displayed to add a touch of elegance. Lavender is a scent that is often praised for its calming properties, as is chamomile. Rose oil is considered to ease stress and boost positivity. Buying some beautiful plants and flowers for your bathroom will also help you to create a spa-effect. Bamboo or aloe vera plants are great for the humid conditions of the bathroom. Peace lilies are also a stunning choice to create a look of luxury. Choose one or two statement pieces that you love and get your bathroom looking like the spa that you deserve! 


Lick of paint 

There’s nothing like a nice lick of paint to make any room feel brand new. Paint will help to protect your walls from moisture damage plus give the room a new glow. Most people opt for white or neutral colour schemes, to make everything appear bigger. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, why not paint just one wall in a bright colour? A feature wall can create a beautiful effect for any room. Shades of light yellows, greens or blues can look just perfect in a bathroom space. 

DIY bathroom checks  

When you haven’t cleaned out your drains in a while, there’ll be a build-up of grime (and probably some nasty smells) that’ll do nothing for your bathroom ambience. Buy some drain cleaner for your shower and sink to get everything fresh again. It may be the case that your drains and plumbing are too clogged to be fixed by a drain cleaning product. If you notice a raised water level in the toilet, water draining slowly or potent smells, you will need to call in the experts. DrainWorks Plumbing are a great service with plenty of experience and affordable prices. 

New accessories 

 Simple touches like buying in some new towels in bright colours and then arranging them beautifully can really make your bathroom look great. Why not fold your towels and display them with ribbons for a super elegant look. Treat yourself to a plush bath mat in the same colour, or some curtains in a trendy pattern. You’d be surprised how much a few simple additions can give your bathroom a boost. Ensure that you are colour matching everything so that there aren’t any clashes. 

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