Get A Good Night’s Sleep With These Bedtime Hacks


Get A Good Night’s Sleep With These Bedtime Hacks

Waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go for the day ahead is something many people aspire to. Getting those solid, uninterrupted eight hours of sleep is seen as the holy grail of rest and recuperation. So, why is it so hard to come by? If you are struggling with getting a decent night’s sleep and it is leaving you feeling lackluster and groggy the next day consider some of these simple bedtime hacks to help improve your sleep. 

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Keep your bedroom dark and keep it cool

Creating the right environment for sleep is pivotal. After all you are not going to drift off into a blissful slumber with bright or flashing lights, and neither will sleep be easy to come by if you are too hot. Create a dark and cool room for the best sleep inducing environment. The optimal temperature for sleeping is between 60 and 67 degrees fahrenheit, and If you can’t make the room dark enough then consider using a sleep mask. 

Super silence

Not only is a dark and cool room essential, so is silence. For the best undisturbed nights sleep try to ensure your bedroom benefits from some peaceful silence. If it can’t avoid a snoring bed mate or noisy neighbors then why not invest in a pair of earplugs to block out that exterior noise. 

Get comfortable

It is not just the bedroom environment that needs to be right for sleep but your bed needs to be just right also. Nobody will sleep well on a hard, lumpy or uncomfortable bed. Spend a little money investing in the perfect bed for you, together with the best memory foam pillow to ensure maximum comfort when getting into bed. 

Cut out caffeine, and alcohol 

That afternoon coffee will stay in your system longer than you think. In fact caffeine after around 2pm is likely to affect your ability to get to sleep on a night. While everyone is different and everyone can tolerate different levels of caffeine, play it safe and avoid caffeinated drinks after 2pm.

When it comes to alcohol that night cap might have you thinking it sends you off to sleep easier but the reality is when it starts to wear off it will result in you tossing, turning and waking throughout the night. For the best night’s sleep avoid alcohol. 

Keep it consistent 

During the week it is likely that you have a pretty regular bedtime routine together with a morning alarm call. But, do you stick to this routine over the weekend? It might not sound like something you want to do but it could prove to be a wise move. Laying in late over the weekend can then make it harder to get to sleep on a Sunday night and in turn leave you feeling tired and underprepared for the week ahead on a Monday morning. A more consistent sleep schedule will see your internal body clock start to shift and regular sleeping habits start to form. 

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