The Benefits of Apartment Living


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Houses aren’t always better than apartments. In fact, there are many benefits to living in an apartment that many people overlook. Below are some of the benefits of apartment living that are worth considering.

Cheaper bills

Whether you’re buying or renting, an apartment is typically going to cost you less than a house in the same location. Many people living in cities or touristy towns find that an apartment is the most affordable option. In many ways, they can help you to be more flexible when it comes to where you want to live.

It’s not the rent/mortgage that is cheaper too. Because they are smaller, apartments don’t require as much energy to heat and cool, resulting in cheaper energy bills. Apartments are also usually cheaper to insure due to being more secure, which leads onto the next benefit of apartments…

Good security

Apartments are generally a lot more secure than houses. This is particularly the case with upper floor apartments that have restricted stair access – most burglars are never going to attempt to break into such apartments.

Security features such as a call box for apartments can add an extra layer of security. Some apartment blocks also have security cameras fitted on each floor to provide surveillance and some may even have secure parking areas. . 

Easy maintenance

Apartments are typically rented (privately owned apartments are usually referred to as condos). Any wear and tear is usually the responsibility of the landlord to repair. Of course, if you do own a condo, you’re still likely to have a lot less maintenance to deal with than you would when owning a house. It’s typically only interior issues that you have to worry about when owning a condo as most exterior parts such as windows or doors are likely to be the responsibility of the condo management company.

Cleaning is also a lot easier in an apartment and they can stop you building up too much clutter. They’re typically a good option for those with busy lives or mobility issues – you don’t have to spend as much time or energy doing housework.

However, it’s still important to know some companies that provide home maintenance services. Things like unexpected plumbing issues can be addressed promptly by having access to emergency drain service from a reliable company. 

Cool views

High rise apartments can offer impressive views that you’ll never get in a house. Many top storey apartments are sought after in cities and areas near coasts. Opting for such apartments usually means sacrificing a yard, however you may still be able to enjoy outdoor space in the form of a balcony or even a terrace.

Access to amenities 

Some apartment blocks have shared amenities. The most basic examples include laundry rooms, private car parks and bike sheds – however some have other more luxurious amenities including playgrounds, pools and gyms. You usually have to pay extra for apartments with access to these types of amenities, but you’re still likely to pay a lot less than you would for a house with these private facilities. Such shared amenities can also help to breed a sense of community and can be ideal for those living on their own who want to make new friends when moving somewhere new. 

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