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Monthly Favorites – February Favorites


February is over and with that comes monthly favorites time!! February is probably one of my favorite months because my birthday and Valentine’s Day fall in this month and it’s the shortest month of the year and goes by super quickly. February for me this year was an okay month because I was thinking about my family a lot this month. But, because it was my birthday month, there were quite a few freebies that I got this month that definitely got added to my favorites list. Read till the end for some amazing birthday freebies you can get as well!


Cover of The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson, showing artwork by Alexander Nanitchkov.

  • The Emperor’s Soul: Surprise surprise, another Brandon Sanderson book! I love this author so so much! So far, every book I have read of his has been amazing. One thing I love about his writing is, you can pick off wherever you stopped reading, and immediately get sucked into the world of the book! This particular book is another stand alone book and it literally took me 2 day to read (3 hrs total). So, if you’re looking for a book to see if you would like Brandon Sanderson books, this one is a great one to start!


  • Pod Save America: I think this podcast through Crooked Media is just a couple months old and I love it. One of the hosts was the former speech writer for Barack Obama and the guests that come on this podcast are often people who have some sort of connection to the White House or have worked there in the past. The hosts are hilarious and are  always updating everyone on what Donald Trump is up to. It’s a really good podcast about American politics and I really have been learning a lot and been keeping up to date as to what’s happening in politics. Highly recommend!


Image result for flipp app

  • Flipp: OMG guys!! How come I have never heard of this app before?!! It’s amazing!! If you haven’t’ heard of it before, it’s an app that helps save on groceries. It has all the weekly flyers as well as coupons you can clip, print and use to save money. I learned about it from a cashier at Walmart when Gursheel and I went grocery shopping. Our mom had given us a stack of flyers to use to price match some groceries (because FYI, Walmart does price matching). It was so funny, when we got to the cash register, we kept saying to the cashier we had a flyer to price match, but it took us forever to find the item, because different items were on different flyers. It was such a mess. Good thing there was no one behind us and the cashier was patient with us. That’s when she told us about Flipp. Basically, you can create a grocery list on the app, and when it comes time to price match, you just search the item and all the flyers that have that item will pop up and you can just show that to the cashier to price match any item. It’s amazing and we have been saving quite a bit of time and money! Super easy to use!


  • Aloo Parathas: I had to include this as a favorite because I’m honestly impressed with myself as to how amazing these parathay were! If you haven’t checked out the blog post, check it out and try making them! They are delicious and definitely a February favorite!



  • Brass plant mister: Gursheel and I have three plants: a bonsai tree (Mr. Bonsai), and two cacti (Gutti and Porcupine) and we bought a new terranium for Porcupine, but it was quite hard to water it. Sooo.. we bought this beautiful plant mister on ebay (see link) and it’s the cheapest one I’ve seen anywhere! It’s useful because it helps us water Porcupine and it makes a beautiful decorative item as well!



  • Smith’s Rosebud Salve: This smells so good!! Normally I use Vaseline on my lips when they are dry but I thought I’d try something new. I got this from Chapter’s and I’ve been loving it. It smells good and hydrates my lips, although the price of $9 is quite high. I bought this with a rewards card I had for $10. Although I do love this, I wouldn’t buy it for myself. I think it makes an amazing gift though!


  • Booster Juice: If you sign up for a newsletter, they will send you an email on your birthday for a free regular sized smoothie! This is an awesome freebie because a smoothie normally costs around $7!
  • Starbucks free drink: Starbucks gives you a free drink around your birthday for having a Starbucks account. Any size, any drink. Awesome freebie.
  • Second Cup: if you are signed up for their rewards program they give you 500 points around your birthday, which is enough for any size any drink.
  • Body Shop: If you have a body shop rewards card, you can get $10 towards a purchase in your birthday month! I got my rewards card for free, but it normally costs $10 and gives you tons of discounts!

That’s all for this week! Hope you have an amazing March šŸ™‚







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