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DIY Bath Salts in Test Tubes


Today, I am back with another DIY project for DIY Bath Salts. And I am so happy with how it turned out and how easy it was!

So, on my birthday, I received a bunch of bath bombs from Lush and have been taking advantage of them by taking a bath once a week! I also have been adding Epsom Salts to the baths because I’ve heard a lot of people talk about them and my massage therapist recommended them to me as well. After a quick google search, I learned that Epsom salts are named after a spring in England and is not actually a salt, but a mineral: magnesium sulfate, which is really good at improving absorption of nutrients, flushing toxins, reducing inflammation and easing headaches. I’m not sure about the easing headaches property (because fortunately, I don’t get headaches too often), but they are AMAZING at flushing toxins and providing relief to muscles because they have seriously worked wonders for me.

That’s why in this post I will be writing about an easy DIY using Epsom salts that you can use when you take a bath: DIY Bath Salts!!

They just contains three ingredients: Epsom Salts, sea salt and baking soda. You can add essential oils for added benefit, but I just added lavender seeds for scent.

So, a little more about the benefits of Epsom salts. Magnesium and sulfate are both easily absorbed through the skin and play role in the body including regulating enzyme activity, reducing inflammation, muscle relaxation and flushing toxins. Because both are so easily absorbed through the body, they make an ideal mineral to add to a bath.

The second ingredient added to the DIY bath salt is baking soda, which also has some beneficial properties and is safe and inexpensive, perfect to add to a bath to soak in more more health benefits. Baking soda is good at detoxifying your body by neutralizing your body. It also helps relieving pain from yeast infections and discomforts in the genital area including soothing irritated and itchy skin. The other amazing thing about using baking soda in a bath is that it doesn’t leave any residue in the bath tub, making your skin feel clean and soft!

The last ingredient for the bath salt is sea salt which also has many health benefits. This is because it contains several minerals including potassium which helps to balance skin moisture; bromide which helps reduce muscle pain; and sodium which helps with circulation.

Each of these ingredients on their own has amazing benefits and you could potentially take a bath with each alone. However, we will go above and beyond and soak in all of their benefits by combining them in this recipe, which is super easy!













1 cup Epsom Salts

1/2 cup baking soda

1/4 cup sea salt

2 tbsp lavender seeds

2-4 drops of essential oil (optional)


Combine all ingredients in a bowl using a fork.

Using a funnel, pour the bath salt mixture into your container, I used test tubes which you can find on Amazon.

To use, draw a bath and pour the contents of the test tube into the bath.

Relax, enjoy, and soak up the benefits.

To gift: add some decorative Washi tape and tie a ribbon!

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  1. I made these and I loved the way they turned out, they looked beautiful. When I went to put the in my bath they would not come out the tube. I did tap them the make sure they were full, I’m wondering if I put to close to the water and the steam got in the test tube!

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