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DIY Bath Bombs are so Easy to Make You’ll Never Buy one Again – DIY Bath Bombs Without Citric Acid


If you love LUSH bath bombs, but don’t love the price, here’s a recipe for DIY bath bombs that’s easy and very affordable and doesn’t use citric acid, which I found pretty hard to find.

Growing up, I remember taking bubble baths all the time. Sitting in the tub in warm water with lots of bubbles was so much fun! But when I started watching YouTube videos with people talking about the Lush Bath Bombs I was so amazed! That was the reason I actually discovered Lush and fell in love with all their cruelty free and vegan products. However, I could never justify buying myself a bath bomb.

The ones at Lush range from $3-$8 if not more! Bath bombs were something you pampered yourself with or got as gifts for friends and family. This year for my birthday I was gifted a total of SEVEN bath bombs and I was very grateful! I’ve been using them slowly so I can make them last for a while. I was originally putting the entire bath bomb in the water and watching it dissolve into these vibrant colors for a while, but my sister told me people actually break the bath bomb into pieces to extend its use and that was been a valuable tip.

 In today’s post, I will be talking about how to make your own diy bath bombs, because I’m sure by now you all know how much I like to make things myself! I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and read a lot of blog posts and this recipe that I will be sharing today, I found to be the easiest, quickest and very affordable!

So, one property of bath bombs, particularly the ones you get from Lush, is that they fizz once they come in contact with water and that is the challenge of making homemade DIY bath bombs. Citric acid is commonly used in DIY bath bombs recipes because there is a chemical reaction that occurs once baking soda and citric acid are mixed in which carbon dioxide is produced. This is what you see when you drop a bath bomb into water. The fizz and foam you see is a lot of bubbles of the carbon dioxide gas.

However, I found citric acid hard to find in stores. I’m sure you can purchase it online (amazon has it), but for the sake of keeping this post easy and affordable, we will be using common household ingredients. So, instead of citric acid, we will be using Lemon juice! The chemical reaction won’t be as strong as using citric acid, but it will do the job! You just want to make sure that you don’t add a whole bunch of lemon juice to your salts mixture. We will be using a mister in which you can add the lemon juice and use that to mist the salts slowly, so that the majority of the chemical reaction occurs once you drop the bath bomb into the water, not before!

 As I have mentioned in the DIY Bath Salts blog post, Epsom salts, salt and baking powder have amazing benefits to your body, so once again we will be adding these into this recipe. Check out that blog post to learn more about their amazing properties!

diy bath bombs without citric acid

diy bath bombs without citric acid

diy bath bombs without citric acid

diy bath bombs without citric acid

diy bath bombs without citric acid


1 cup Baking Soda

1 cup Epsom Salts

1/2 cup Salt

Lemon juice – squeezed and placed in a mister

2-3 drops of Essential oil

Food coloring of choice

Bath bomb holds (I got these ones from Amazon)


Mix together baking soda, Epsom salts and salt in a bowl.

Squeeze half a lemon and put the juice in a mister.

Mist the salts using the lemon juice until the salts pack together.

Now add in the essential oils and food coloring and mix.

Pack the bath bomb mix into a bath bomb mold and place in the fridge overnight.

Carefully, take apart the mold and marvel at the masterpiece of a bath bomb you just created.

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