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Madrid Travel Guide – Vegan Restaurants in Madrid


The final destination on our Portugal/Spain trip was Madrid and Segovia so I have a Madrid travel guide for you today! So, Madrid was one place I wasn’t too excited about since I couldn’t find anything super cool to do. However, Madrid surprised me. Not in terms of things to do, but food! There are the most amazing vegan restaurants in Madrid that you just have to try!

So, let’s just start with Vegan Restaurants in Madrid:

La Hummuseria: This place was definitely my favourite because I’m a huge fan of hummus and this place had the best hummus I’ve ever had. The name was so fitting as most of their dishes came with hummus and everything was so affordable. Ever since we went to this restaurant, Gursheel has become a huge fan of hummus as well and we have been eating hummus daily. Now I just need to find the best recipe ever for hummus so I can start making it at home. Oh, and the decor here was so cool!

La Hummuseria vegan restaurants in Madrid

Restaurant Viva Burger: This was another vegan restaurant in Madrid that was amazing! It’s a burger place that also had such a cool style. We ordered takeout from here and ate our burgers at our airbnb but, seriously, the burgers were SOOO GOOD!! and we ordered fries as well as a side that came with the vegan garlic mayo dip that was delicious!! Such a great place and I highly recommend! It was a bit pricier compared to the other restaurants we went to though, but if you come during their special hours, you can get a good deal!

restaurant viva burger - vegan restaurants in madrid

B13 Bar: This again was an amazing vegan restaurant in Madrid! This was the first restaurant we went to on our first night in Madrid and we were lined up outside the place at 8pm, so right when it opened we got to pick the first set of seats. This was so useful as 10 minutes later, the restaurant was PACKED! Again, they had such amazing food at such amazing prices. We ate a feast and it didn’t cost much at all. But the most memorable thing was the cake. We got this huge slice of vegan chocolate cake and I still talk about it to Gursheel. It was hands down the best vegan cake I’ve had!

VEGA: This was once again another vegan restaurant in Madrid that I wish we got to stay for dinner. We can during the day and like most restaurants in Madrid, it opened at 8 pm for dinner. We were starving, so we went inside and order some appetizers. Some fancy ones at that. And they were really good that I wished we had stayed longer.

I think those were the main vegan restaurants in Madrid that we got to try and loved. In terms of things to do, there honestly wasn’t much that I would recommend. We did the main touristy things but they were a bit underwhelming compared to what we saw in Lisbon, Seville and the Algarve. We took the transit system around the city from our airbnb (as it was a bit outside the city) and it was pretty easy to navigate and find our way around. Some of the highlights were the following:

Retiro Park: This is the largest park in Madrid and has a huge pond in the middle where you can go kayaking or canoeing. We just walked around the park and tried to find shade as much as possible because it was HOT when we went!

Caixforum Vertical Garden: I was searching for cool things to see in Madrid and this came up. As a plant lover I was pretty excited about this, however, it was a bit disappointing. It was just this one wall that had some plants growing on it. Kind of cool, but I expected something more.

vertical gardens in madrid spain

Royal Palace of Madrid and the Royal Botanical Gardens: The Royal Palace is where the Spanish royalty lives and the botanical gardens are in their backyard. This was a nice place to go for an evening walk and is filled with tourists!

Portugal and Spain 2017

Portugal and Spain 2017

Portugal and Spain 2017

Portugal and Spain 2017

I think that’s about all I would recommend. We tried some of the other must see places in Madrid, but I think they were too underwhelming for me to mention. But if you ever do go to Madrid, go for the vegan food. It is a fairly modern city compared to the other places we visiting in Portugal and Spain, so you can’t expect much in terms of some cool historic places. If any of you have ever been and there was something you loved, I would love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments below if you have ever tried any of these restaurants and what you enjoyed  the most in Madrid.

Price Break Down (2 days in Madrid):

Food: 61.92 euro

Gas: 48.48 euro (to fill up our rental car, we drove to Madrid from Seville)

Transit: 12 euro


Total: 122.4 euro (half of it on food, hehe)

I really hope you enjoyed these travel guides I did for our Portugal and Spain trip and if you learned anything in this post it is that there are amazing vegan restaurants in Madrid that are must visit!

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