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3 Free Grocery Shopping Apps That Save You Money in Canada


Happy Monday everyone! I’m back this week with my favourite free grocery shopping apps that save you money in Canada!

A couple of years ago, for my older sisters baby shower we had the guests play The Amazing Race. And one of the stops in the race was a Price Is Right station, where the teams had to guess the price of common household items. I was designated the task to go and buy some items, so I went to the store closest to my home (Save on Foods) and bought whatever I thought looked good.

As I was watching people play the game, I noticed they were guessing completely wrong. Their guesses were a lot less than the price I paid! I had overpaid for most of the items!  This was because I didn’t know what a good price for an item was. And since most of my sisters friends were either married and/or moms, they did the shopping for their families and they knew what a good price for things was.

Now a couple years later, I am also married and have started grocery shopping for our family. And since I love saving money, I have figured out a system that allows the grocery shopping experience to be efficient, fun and affordable! It’s super easy and once you get the hang of it, you’re going to enjoy grocery shopping! And it’s all based on 3 free grocery shopping apps that save you money!

Using these grocery shopping apps is an easy way to save money on groceries and you can do it without too much time or effort!

I tried out a few grocery shopping apps to see what worked for me and the ones mentioned below are the ones I think are the best and they’re all free! I go into detail about my favorite grocery shopping apps and a grocery rebate app, so you can save during and after you shop!



Okay guys this app is seriously the best! What it is, is a collection of the flyers of the week along with coupons where you can just search for an item and all the prices at every store will pop up. You can even input your shopping list on this app. Even more amazing is that you can take a picture of your list and the app will read the list and input the list automatically! This is a cool little trick I just learned!

Anyways, what works the best for me, is when I find the cheapest price for the item on my grocery list, I take a screenshot! You definitely don’t need to do this, but this is what I find best works for me. There are a couple of grocery stores that do price matching, but we usually go to Walmart and Chalo Freshco. The produce at Freshco is seriously the best! Walmart, not so much, but it tends to have more items that we need.

Okay, so once I’ve gone through my entire grocery list and taken screenshots of the cheapest items that I will be price matching, I move onto my next favourite grocery shopping app:


Th Coupgon grocery shopping app only works for select stores (like Freshco, Save on Foods, some Superstores, etc.) so just check to see if there is a store near you!

This app is great because every week new items get added, a lot being seasonal produce and things people often purchase anyways. You just click on the items that you want and when you are at the cash register, you just click redeem now and show the cashier. It basically works like a coupon and the price of the item mentioned will be deducted from your total price.

I just take a look at what items also have coupons, and just clip them on the app and make a note on my grocery list to make sure I don’t forget to show the cashier.



The final app that I use is the Checkout 51 app which is a cash back app, and therefore, you don’t see the actual savings from it on your receipt. You just get a cheque mailed to you once you have reached 20 dollars in cash back.

How Checkout 51 works is every Thursday, a new list of items get added to the app and if you purchase any item on the list, you just take a picture of your receipt and scan the barcode of the product and money will automatically get added to your account.

This app mostly works for processed foods, but every so often produce also gets added to it. One of my favourite products, Silk Almond milk, is currently on the app with a 1 dollar cash back. Since Silk milk is something I purchase on a weekly bases, it’s great to get a dollar back in my pocket!

So, this post is all about saving money on groceries and doesn’t talk about keeping an organized pantry, fridge or freezer. I do have a pantry organization post which is super easy and fun to set up, and I would love to do a fridge and freezer organization post as well!

All 3 of these grocery shopping apps are great and are so easy and fun to use. The money we save from grocery shopping goes towards our weekly Starbucks fund! Anyone else a fan of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte? I just introduced Gursheel to it and he loves it! Time of the frappuccino as ended, time for the PSL has arrived!

Do you guys use any grocery shopping app to save you money? Comment below!



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