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Cafe Cancan Review


I love finding cool places to check out and if there is food involved, there is nothing stopping me from going. Cafe Cancan in Toronto is a cute little restaurant I visited recently and today I am going to do a short Cafe Cancan review for y’all.

Cafe Cancan Review

If you love pink you are going to fall in love with this place because Cafe Cancan has the best decor I ever did see. There is pink everywhere with amazing finishing touches. The decorator, Tiffany Pratt, is hands down amazing. From the floral wallpaper to the detailing on the dish ware, you will be in awe with everything that you see. It is an amazing place to take awesome shots with your family or friends, or whoever else you go with.

In terms of food, Cafe Cancan was slightly disappointing. You would think with steep prices that the food would be tasty with decent portion sizes. It was not. I had to order something that was eggless so I went for the heirloom tomatoes on toast and a caramel and sea salt chocolate bar. It was literally a chocolate bar served on a plate and cost 8 dollars. The tomatoes on toast was the tiniest piece of bread with only 3 tomatoes on it with lots of oil and salt. Not yummy and definitely not filling. We also ordered a latte and although the latte art was beautiful, the size and taste of the latte was disappointing. For a stylish cafe with steep prices, one would think the quality of food be on a higher level.

However, the bigger disappointment was the service. Cafe Cancan is a very busy restaurant so many people book a table ahead of time. Luckily we got a table right away, although the server said we had 45 minutes until we had to move. This was less than ideal since the food literally took a half hour to arrive. By the time we finished drinking our lattes and eating our chocolate bar, the toast we ordered still hadn’t arrived. At the half hour mark, I lost my patience and asked the server to see if it was coming. She had completely forgotten about it so I waited another 10 minutes for it to arrive.

Although the food and service at Cafe Cancan is not something I would recommend, I would definitely suggest checking out the Cafe for just its decor because the beautiful pastel decor alone is inspiring.

I hope you found this Cafe Cancan review useful and if you do decide to visit Cafe Cancan let me know in the comments below what your experience was like. And if you’re looking for more things to do in Toronto, check out my post on 5 Things to do in Parkdale Toronto.

cafe cancan toronto review blog

cafe cancan toronto review blog

cafe cancan toronto review blog

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