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4 DIY Food Styling Boards For Under $20!


I want to start adding more recipes on the blog in the ‘Kamfort Food‘ section and I have a lot of recipes I want to share. The only thing I was struggling with was making the food look beautiful. There are so many bloggers that have the most beautiful pictures that you just want to make whatever they post! But, even though I have so many amazing recipe I want to share with you all, I didn’t know how to make them look appealing. Therefore I was looking for ways to make some DIY food styling boards on a budget. And I have the perfect ones. I was able to make 4 DIY food styling boards for under $20!

I need to give credit where credit is due and these 4 DIY food styling boards all came from this tutorial one of my favourite Toronto bloggers posted! Mymiaou makes the most delicious looking food and her pictures are just fantastic! Her tutorial for the DIY food styling boards was super easy and fun and also very affordable! So, you just need to optimize the boards to fit the style of your blog!

4 DIY food styling boards

4 DIY food styling boards

4 DIY food styling boards

4 DIY food styling boards


Hardboard from Home Depot – 48 inch by 2 inch (cut in half) ~$5

Wall scraper – $0 (you probably have one at home)

DryDex Spackling Paste ~ $3

Paint brush – $0 (you probably have one at home)

BEHR Marquee Paint – we bought the $4 sample tubs


When you are at Home Depot, ask to get the 48 inch hardboard to be cut in half. They will do this for free for you! You will find the spackling paste in the paint section. We found that one small tub was enough to make 2 surfaces.

Okay, so now, at home, lay out some newspapers to create a working space. Lay down the hardboard pieces on the ground and start applying the spackling paste using the wall scraper in whichever patten you desire. This particular brand of spackling paste is cool because it is pink when you apply and turns white when it dries.

Once you are done applying the paste, let the board dry completely before painting. For us it took around 2 hours.

Now, paint the surface whichever colour you desire. We chose a pink and a teal colour and I love how they turned out.

Let it dry and your surfaces are ready.

To create a total of 4 surfaces from 1 piece of  48 inch hardboard cut in half, we used the backsides to paint another colour. The hardboard piece is white on one side and brown on the other. So, we used one side to use the spackling paste and the other we left white. For the second hardboard, we painted the back side black. A total of 4 different surfaces to style your food for under $20!

My goal is to post more recipes on this blog, especially Punjabi/Indian food recipes. I love Punjabi food and honestly feel it is a healthy, wholesome diet for everyone if you pay careful attention to the ingredients you purchase to make your meals. So now, with these 4 different DIY food styling boards I have the tools necessary to take beautiful pictures of the food that I make that hopefully will inspire you all to try these recipes! Can’t wait to share what I have in store for you all šŸ™‚

What recipes would you like to see on the blog?

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