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My Favourite Scarves for the Fall and Winter – My Scarf Collection


Scarf season is here and I am so excited to pull out all my scarves!! I love scarves and I have accumulated enough to have a scarf collection. Scarves are the perfect accessory for the fall and winter because not only do they keep you warm from the bitter cold, but they also add a lot to your outfit. I also dap a couple of drops of essential oils to my scarves so if there is someone that smells of smoke on the train, I just smell my scarf instead!

Although I haven’t purchased a scarf in a couple of years, the ones I have purchased in the past are of amazing quality that they have remained in my scarf collection.

In my closet, I have two bins for my scarves: one for my thick and chunky scarves, and the other for thinner ones.

I actually used to have a lot more scarves but they were the thin ones that served no function other than being an accessory to my outfit. I gave most of these to my mom who wears them on a regular basis.

The ones that remained have become a part of my scarf collection that I use regularly. The thinner ones I can use all year round, but the thicker ones are super useful in the fall and winter!

I get a lot of people asking me where I get my scarves from and today I will show you some of my all time favourites!

scarf collection

scarf collection

scarf collection

I have a total of 3 scarves from Aritzia and I love them! Although Aritzia scarves are a bit on the pricey side, they are also investment pieces that last you forever. That’s if you don’t accidentally wash them! One of my sister’s scarves was accidentally put in the wash and it shrunk so much that now it serves as a beautiful picnic blanket! The three scarves that I have from Aritzia are super warm and cozy and are also beautiful and add a lot to any of my outfits. All I need is a nice coat and shoes and my outfit is complete!

The other store I love for scarves and I think quite a bit of my scarf collection is from is Zara! Zara has the most unique and beautiful scarves and the prices are amazing as well! The most I paid for a Zara scarf was $25! I have a couple thinner ones as well as some chunky scarves and I have owned them for a long time now. I don’t think you will be able to find the exact ones I have at Zara, but it is a good store to check out if you want to start your own scarf collection! Also, Zara often has sales so I think Black Friday and Boxing Day would be a good day to look for scarves.

Check this link for the Scarf selection Zara has right now. There are some that are on my radar!

If you are looking for scarves for the winter, I highly recommend getting some quality scarves since they will last you a long time! I personally prefer getting longer and chunkier scarves because they will keep you warm as opposed to the thin ones. I also like to pack a couple of scarves when I travel because they serve as the perfect blanket on the plane and you can use them to style your outfits as well. Check out these scarves I took with me on our Ottawa trip!

What are some of your favourite places to shop for scarves? I’m always on the lookout for a nice scarf to add to my scarf collection!

my scarf collection



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