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My In Flight Travel Essentials and Packing Tips


I am leaving for BC tomorrow and I am so excited!! It’s been a year since I saw my grandparents, older sister, nephew and I’ll be meeting my second nephew for the very first time!!! It’s also been half a year since I saw my younger sister and my parents and I have been looking forward to this day since the day they left Toronto! AHHH CANNOT WAIT! I’m hoping this crappy weather won’t cause any delays! Anyways, I thought this would be the perfect time to show you all how I pack my in flight travel essentials and also tell you my favourite packing tips and tricks!

I am just going to be sharing my in flight travel essentials today, but I may do a post on how I pack my carry on and checked bag in the future!

The biggest tip for packing in flight travel essentials is to just pack what you need. I know sometimes we think oh we might that or I should pack that just in case. Well, from my travel experience, the just in case packing doesn’t really ever help. Even if you do realize you need a particular item as you travel, you can just go ahead and purchase it when you need it. I doubt it will often ever come to that though. So, yes, biggest tip: pack light and only what you need. This helps you keep your packing to a minimum and won’t stress you out having too many things in your bag that you can’t even find it easily.

The second biggest tip is to categorize and use different pouches/bags for different types of items. For example, place all your charging wires, etc. into one pouch and all your toiletries in another. This really helps keep everything in your bag contained and also helps you find a particular item quickly. The pouches I used today I purchased from Aldo a couple of years ago. They came in a set of 3. I couldn’t find the exact ones, but I thought this floral pouch, this set of 4, and this organizer are pretty nice and affordable.

And finally, the third tip I have for you is to keep your most valuable items as well as items you would want if your checked in luggage got lost on you as your in flight travel essentials. This includes your laptop, kindle, chargers, toiletries, etc. So, if there is a chance your luggage is lost, you at least have the items that will make you feel clean and fresh and you won’t lose your most valuable items.

I love using a backpack when traveling to hold all my in flight travel essentials so that I don’t need to carry too many things in my hands. I love this one I’ve had for many years from MEC. Since many of you have asked me in the past, I tried hard to find this exact one online but it seems like they don’t sell it anymore. It’s such an amazing backpack though. It is waterproof and heavy duty and I got it for only 20 bucks! I love it! I found this amazing one on Amazon if you are interested. And the luggage tag that has my name calligraphed is a wedding gift from my sister! One of the best gifts I’ve ever received! And Gursheel has one as well! Try these luggage tags on Amazon, they are so cute as well.

in flight travel essentials

in flight travel essentials

Okay, so now for my in flight travel essentials! Like I mentioned, I keep different items in different pouches to represent a particular category:


For toiletries, I collect the travel size items and travel accessories I receive from the dentist, samples that come in the mail or the mini shampoos, body washes, and lotions you get from your hotel stays. Traveling is the perfect time to use these items and you can also have fun on your travels trying new products if you receive samples!

in flight travel essentials

Okay, so for my in flight travel essentials I need a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. I like to feel fresh so I always brush my teeth when we are about to land. I also pack some deodorant, hand sanitizer, hand lotion and lib balm so my lips and hands don’t dry out and I feel fresh.

In my toiletries bag I also include my little first aid essentials. I have a couple bandages, Advil as well as my Saje essentials! Peppermint Halo is perfect for headaches and the Arrive Revived mist is so refreshing. I find planes always dry out my skin, so I usually mist this onto my face to stay feeling fresh. I also included some of my favourite Saje blends that help with sleep and digestion as well as a mini perfume from Saje that smells amazing!

in flight travel essentials


I always pack my chargers in my backpack so I am sure my phone, laptop and Kindle never run out battery. I also included my bluetooth headphones in this pouch since it is a wire. Hehe!

in flight travel essentials

in flight travel essentials


I always read on the plane. It makes the flight go so much faster and I find the best time to read for me is when I’m traveling or commuting! I spend 80% of my time on the plane reading. If I finish all the books I have stored onto the Kindle (very likely, haha), I make sure I have a bunch of podcasts downloaded onto my iPhone! I love podcasts! Finally, I have my laptop so I can write some blog posts, or watch a movie.

in flight travel essentials

in flight travel essentials


I find planes to be so cold so I always pack a blanket scarf and a pair of socks. It’s perfect to bring a blanket scarf as a in flight travel essential. Since it is bulky it will give you more storage in your checked in bag and it will keep you warm on the plane. The first thing I do on the plane is take off my shoes and put on a pair of socks. I love feeling warm and cozy!

in flight travel essentials

in flight travel essentials


This category just includes a couple random things I include in my backpack. I keep a large pouch which I will use as a clutch when I get to my destination. I also always take a mesh laundry bag to store all my dirty clothes. So, when I get back home I can throw the entire thing in the laundry. I also keep a notepad with a pen in case I get any ideas on the plane!

in flight travel essentials


I always take an empty water bottle. A water bottle is a life essential for me and I almost never go anywhere without it. I love my S’well bottle since it keeps my water cold and I love drinking fresh, cold water. I also usually take a granola bar or a little container with some nuts in it to munch on in the plane.


For this category, I keep a pouch that includes my wallet, iPhone, keys, a pen and my Pixie Mood card holder which contains all my important everyday cards. I also keep our flight information or any other important items in this pouch. I added the wristlet strap so that I can a little more security with this pouch!

in flight travel essentials

in flight travel essentials

That’s all! These are my absolute in flight travel essentials that make my flight more enjoyable and comfortable. Keeping the items in different pouches keeps my backpack more organized so I can find anything I need quickly! I’m all set for my flight tomorrow! So excited to be going back home to BC and see my amazing family!!

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