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April 2018 Monthly Favorites – Adidas Leggings Love


It’s been a while since I’ve done a favourites post, and some of you actually really like these. So, I’m back with what I have been loving for the month of April 2018. Out of all the things I’m mentioning below, the Adidas leggings are my absolute favourite! I have been living out of these Adidas leggings for the past month!


1. Santa Cruz Raspberry Lemonade

This is my all-time favourite lemonade! It’s so delicious and made with all natural and organic ingredients. I have tried a few of their lemonade flavours, but the raspberry one is my personal favourite, although it can be difficult to find. Usually Whole Foods carries it in the Spring/Summer time and they tend to also go on sale in the summer! I love using it for picnics or outdoor BBQ’s and mixing it in with some Sprite for a more carbonated taste.

april favorites

2. Love Crunch Granola

My sister introduced me to this and we love it! You can find it at Costco for a much affordable price than at the regular grocery store. Although it is granola, we like to eat it like cereal. I think my sister eats it for dessert as a treat since it is quite the indulgence.

3. Vegan Mediterranean Salad with Quinoa Salad Dressing

This quinoa salad recipe I shared with you all on the blog last week is seriously the best ever! I’ve made it a few times now and every time I am so impressed with my food editor. It’s healthy, delicious and quick to make! If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the recipe here!


1. The Alchemist

A friend at work recommended this book to me and I literally read it in 2 days! The Alchemist is a classic book celebrating it’s 25th year this year. It’s a book about this boy with a dream and as you read it you get inspired to go after your own. It has an amazing storyline and plot and teaches some lessons along the way. Another friend from work who is from Brazil said they used to read books by Paulo Coelho at school. I definitely will be reading more books by this author.

2. The Count of Monte Cristo

I have been sharing books I’ve read each month on Instagram. And, a few of you have messaged asking what books I read in March/April. Well, the Count of Monte Cristo is the only book I’ve read in the last 2 months! Along with the Alchemist and another gardening book. Although they only took a few days to read. The Count of Monte Cristo is ginormous! I read it in high school and I remember loving it, but now as an adult, I love it even more. It’s a book about revenge and love and there is so much storyline that you are absorbed into the book the entire time. Just be aware it will definitely take a while to read. But it’s a classic and everyone should read it.


1. Post Poo Drops

I didn’t know what category to include this in, but I chose this section since it is kept in our bathroom. Okay, so you may ask why are Post Poo Drops included in your favourites? Well, honestly because they smell amazing and the packaging of the bottle is the best! I’ve had these for a long time now and even brought them with me to Toronto when I moved because they are just so cool! Basically, after you’ve had a poo and someone is coming into the bathroom after you, just drop a couple drops of these into the toilet and you’re bathroom will smell like oranges. So, the person after you will have no idea! Apart from the smell, the label on the bottle is hilarious! Definitely, a show stopper in the bathroom!


1. Adidas Leggings

A friend had sent me an Aritzia gift card for my birthday and I needed to buy something. So, off to Aritzia I went. I wanted to get something that was similar in price to the gift card value so after a bit of searching, I found these Adidas leggings. And holy moly am I happy with them! I wear leggings pretty regularly and almost all of them are solid black. Well, these Adidas leggings are black but they have bit more interest, the stripes. So now, when I wear leggings, it feels like I’m wearing a completely different outfit. Although, I am still wearing black leggings! Yay for fashion! Yay for Adidas leggings! šŸ˜›

2. Apron

Okay, so why is an apron included in my fashion favourite. Well, honestly because I feel pretty fashionable when I wear it! HAHA! Gursheel bought this apron for me from Anthropologie and I love it. It’s so pretty and it has pockets! A pretty useful apron in my opinion. And it makes for the perfect prop when taking some food pictures for the blog!


1. 50mm Sony lens

I realize I should probably start sharing some of my blog related favourites since I love blogging and it takes up most of my free time. A couple of weeks ago Gursheel bought a 50mm lens for his camera and it is the perfect lens for a blog like mine. It is a great lens for taking up close pictures of food, DIY projects as well as flat lays. I think Gursheel enjoys taking pictures even more for me with this lens. And I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the quality of the pictures as well!


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