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Best Shoes for Winter in Toronto


A few weeks ago, the temperature was +30’C, today it’s 1’C and it snowed! That’s how it is here in Toronto and you gotta just learn how to deal with the cold temperatures. And it all begins with a good pair of shoes! So, today, I’m going to share with you all some of the best shoes for winter in Toronto out there that will keep your feet warm, keep your feet dry, all while looking good!


Best Shoes for Winter in Toronto

  1. This first boot by Sorel is one of my favorites.  It is waterproof and lined with full on fleece. Although, my favorite thing about this shoe is that is is beautiful. I think a pair of wool socks is still necessary to brace the Toronto winter in this boot, but you will be kept nice and dry as you walk around the city in these shoes.
  2. Next up is this pair of Sorel walkers! These are the exact pair of shoes I’ve been wearing for the past 2 years here in Toronto and they have survived beautifully. Although they are not lined, they are waterproof. I usually wear them with a pair of good quality steel wool socks to keep my feet nice and toasty. They are super comfortable to walk in, are not super bulky and therefore make the perfect everyday shoe for winter in Toronto.
  3. Although the classic knit Ugg Boot is definitely not waterproof, they do make a good boot to walk around in the cold. I think this boot is perfect for a cold and dry day where you are running out on a quick errand. Definitely don’t wear these when it’s raining or snowing! Just a perfect cozy boot.
  4. Okay, now for those super snowy, super cold and super wet days in Toronto. The Majesta boot and the Kamik boot will be perfect for those days. They are both heavy duty, waterproof and lined to keep your feet dry and warm, They also go higher up on your knee, so they will protect more of you. I don’t think these two shoes are necessary for Toronto, since we only get a few storms in a year and people tend to stay indoors those days. However, if you walk a lot in the winters or live in a more snowy/cold area, then these shoes may be for you.
  5. We’ve all heard of Blundstone’s and they live up to their name. They are waterproof, and if you purchase the lined boots, they will keep your feet nice and toasty in the Toronto winter!

I’m always searching for the best shoes for winter in Toronto and am always researching new and cool boots. So, I hope this is helpful in helping you find a good boot if you’re in the market for them.


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