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My Skin Care Routine – How I Maintain Clear Skin


I sometimes get questions as to what products I use on my face and skin so today is going to be all about my skin care routine. Honestly, there isn’t much I do to take care of my skin. You can make your skin care routine as simple or as complicated as you want. I’d like to think my skin care routine is on the more simpler side. Another thing to note is my skin type is normal, in that it’s not too oily nor too dry. It does however, get dry in the winter time and that’s the time I use more oils, creams and mists to keep my skin well hydrated.

my skin care routine

My skin care routine

Other than using products on my skin, I believe that eating healthy, drinking lots of water and exercising regularly are what helps me maintain a clear skin. In the past I would get breakouts occasionally, but since eating a well balanced diet and increasing my water intake, I have not had any issues with my skin. I also do not wear makeup which I believe is another reason I am able to maintain clear skin. Beauty comes from within and I believe you don’t need makeup to make yourself feel more beautiful.


To clean my body, I use my all time favorite: Castile Soap! In fact, I actually did a blog post all about how amazing Castile soap is and why you need to have it in your life. I think this post explains everything, so I’ll just stop right over here.

For my face, I use a cleanser that I like to experiment with and try new brands. I try my hardest to use the cleanest formulations as I can. I’ve found the Clean Beauty app to help me decide if the brand contains anything toxic. I just scan the ingredients into the app and it lets me know if there is anything harmful in the product. Currently, I am using the Michael Todd charcoal cleanser and I really do like it. It cleans my skin well and doesn’t cause any irritations.

my skin care routine


Throughout the year, I really don’t use much to moisturize my skin. However, in the winter/fall (which in Toronto ends up being half the year), I use a few different products to keep my skin hydrated.

My all time favorite is coconut oil! I have a blog post all about how I make my own DIY whipped coconut oil that I portion into jars that last us quite a while. I think whipped coconut oil makes it easy to apply to your hair, face and skin. Again, read about how I make it and use it on the blog post! Coconut oil is a magic ingredient and is SUPER hydrating! Gursheel uses it on a daily basis as well.

If you’re looking for just a little bit of hydration (coconut oil is quite oily), I love a good face mist. My favorite are rose mists and again I have a blog post all about how you can make yours at home! I just spray a little bit of the rose mist on my face and I’m ready to go. You can even bring it with you, and spray it on your face if you need a little refresh.

Recently, the weather has been quite dry so I’ve been using a nourishing blend of oils by Angelica Root Organics that my sister brought from Vancouver for me. It is seriously the BEST thing I’ve ever put on my face and I LOVE IT! Takdeer was gifted the oil blend from her good friend for her bridal shower, however, I started using it as well when I was in BC. The scent she got me is called Lavender Vanilla and smells heavenly. I just use a little bit of the oil and apply it all over my face. A little goes a long way and keeps your skin hydrated all day long. I find using oils on your face doesn’t make your face oily, just super hydrated, smooth and soft!

So, that’s basically it. I use Castile soap to clean my body and the Michael Todd facial cleanser to clean my face. If my skin is dry, then I use either coconut oil or a face mist. If my skin is quite dry, then I use the Angelica Root Organics nourishing oil. That’s my skin care routine on a daily basis!


However, once a week, I like to do a face mask, face peel and a treatment. These days I consider my pampering days and I take the time to take care of my skin. Gursheel usually joins me as well! Since I only do masks, peels and treatments on a weekly basis, I like to invest in some cool products. Some of my favorites currently are the following that are a part of my weekly skin care routine.

my skin care routine

  1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Face Mask. This is actually one of my favorite face masks! Because it is a clay mask, it applies really well to your face. I let it sit for 15 min and the longer it sits, the more my face tingles. Since it contains tea tree, the mask is great for clearing out impurities and refreshing sensitive skin.
  2. Drops of Youth Liquid Face Peel. This is Gursheel’s favorite! Since it is a peel, it is great for lifting off dead cells from your skin and makes a great exfoliant as well.
  3. Neostrata Dual Acid Anti Aging Peel. I was given this product complimentary from Neostrata to test out and I have been loving it! It’s a new product and I’ve used it for the past 3 weeks and my skin feels smoother after using it. Normally after doing a mask or peel, I moisturize my skin, however, this peel leaves your skin soft so moisturizer isn’t necessary.
  4. Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream. This is a cream that I use every so often when I feel my skin needs more moisture. Vitamin E in skin care is known to moisturize and soften the skin and has some other benefits including diminishing scars.

my skin care routine


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