An Essential Guide To Taking Extended Trips


An Essential Guide To Taking Extended Trips

Sometimes that week-long break is not going to cut it. Sometimes we need extra time to really appreciate the destination we have traveled to, some time to connect with people and just enjoy the everyday moments. For some people, extended trips are appealing. If you work from home or work digitally, then why wouldn’t you take advantage of being able to go away for longer periods of time? After all, as long as there is decent wifi and great vegetarian options on hand, then its got to be a possibility, right? But, sometimes we don’t think about the logistics or how it would even be possible to stay away much longer than the popular two week stint. I thought I would share with you some of the things you might need to consider to enjoy and take full advantage of an extended trip.

guide for an extended trip

Think about where you might stay?

Taking an extended trip sometimes means that you will be away from weeks and even months. Giving you the chance to experience the destination in all of its glory. But imagine needing to do this at the rates of what a decent hotel could cost you. It might certainly end up being an expensive affair. This is normally what would put people off, but if you can, why not think outside of the box? You could look at a house for rent and consider a short-term lease. A six month rental would certainly cost less than six months in a hotel that is for sure. You could also think about house swap websites or even AirBnB for cheaper alternatives. This also helps to give you a base in your chosen location. Enabling you to start experiencing the culture and all of the things you’ve wanted to.

Another option when it comes to accommodation would be to think about staying with friends or family. You may be lucky enough to have this to your advantage, and sofa surfing could also help you keep those all-important costs down.

What about money?

Money can often be the one stumbling block that can seem difficult to overcome. Some people can barely afford a two week break, so how would an extended break work out cost efficient? The thing is, if you are clever with your money, budgets and also the costs involved in your accommodation then you may be able to extend your trip. You might also want to think about earning money while you are away. You could continue to perform your day job if you are lucky enough to work remotely.

One, you could start up a blog and begin sharing your travel experiences, and this could eventually open doors for sponsorship, advertisements and review opportunities. You could also consider other online side hustles like mystery shopping in the location you are staying. There are ways you can supplement your income while away, you just need to be a little savvy and proactive.

Packing a capsule wardrobe

If you want to stay away for longer, how is that even possible on a weight and luggage allowance provided by an airline? The best advice for this is to pack carefully. We will all feel the restrictions, and unless you want to pay hefty excess baggage charges or pay for additional suitcases, you have no choice but to confirm. However, a capsule wardrobe could help you make the most of what you can pack. This is essential pieces that can be easily mixed and matched to create different outfit options. It is all about layering and enabling you to be creative with colours, materials, and textures as well as styles and cuts. It could certainly help solve your problem when it comes to packing that is for sure. Shoes can be a difficult one, as you want to pack more than one pair, but finding a few versatile options that are most importantly comfortable will help you style up any outfit.

Using social media to your advantage

Finally, social media can be a great way to enjoy your extended trip all the more. While it gives you the chance to check in with friends and family and share your snaps and experiences, it can also help you to reach out to people in the area. You could join groups or pages to find out when events are taking place or connect with people close by. It’s a chance to help you make some friends. This could be especially important if you are a solo traveller.

I hope this guide helps you if you plan on taking an extended trip in the future. For travels guides from my previous adventures, check out the Kam Travels section on the blog!

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