Solo Travel vs. Traveling With A Group


If you’re thinking of going traveling, you have a lot of things to think about. One big decision you’ll want to make is whether you’re going to jet off alone or whether you’re going to go traveling with a group. These days you can purchase packages and go traveling with a group of like-minded people, so you don’t need to worry about not knowing anybody who wants to go traveling.

Below I’ll be comparing both options so you can figure out which one is best for you:

Traveling Solo

Traveling solo is something everybody should do at least once. There are time benefits to consider; you will save time, as you haven’t got to wait around for anybody else to be ready, and you make decisions faster as you make them alone. You can also really focus on your development as a person; becoming more self aware, meeting other people, and experiencing new things that support growth in the way you know you need it as an individual.

Solo Travel vs. Travelling With A Group

When traveling solo, you can do whatever you want with no conflict, as well as have your own space. It can be a really freeing experience that teaches you a lot about yourself and life.

However, some people do find solo travel a little lonely if traveling for a long time. It’s also more expensive, as there are no multiple person discounts or anybody to split the cost of things like food and accommodation with. You’ll also find yourself asking people to take pictures all the time, and there are the potential safety concerns.

Traveling With A Group

Traveling with a group allows you to meet like minded people and potentially make friends for life. Traveling with companies like Wheel & Anchor can make the planning of a trip far easier. You’ll likely save money due to the fact that you’ll be traveling with others, too. Then, there’s potential safety in numbers, and of course, always someone to take your picture! If you travel with the right company, you may have opportunities to break off and do certain things alone, which is great if you still want the benefits of solo travel. Do be prepared to compromise though, as some things are best enjoyed with other people.

There’s a little less freedom and independence when traveling with a group, though, and you may be sacrificing the level of privacy that you’re used to. You may not get along with everybody, either, so that’s worth remembering so that you don’t feel bad if you end up having a disagreement or you simply do not gel with another personality.


There are pros and cons to each of these options. The truth is, it can be worth doing both at certain times. For example, if you’re just getting started, group travel could be the best way to learn the ropes and pick up some valuable tips and advice. Plus, you might make friends to travel with in the future, or even some free accommodation (or a couch to sleep on). Solo travel is great for when you’ve built up a little confidence and you feel you’re ready to go it alone!

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