Why You Should Visit Jakarta


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If you have never been to Jakarta before, it is possible that you might not really know much about it. It is not often seen as the top tourist destination, and certainly other places tend to be visited much more. However, there is plenty of reason why you might want to visit this beautiful destination, and it is worth taking a look at some of the reasoning if you are even slightly considering it. Jakarta is a truly dynamic, fascinating city, and somewhere that you can expect to have a lot of varied and interesting experiences. Hugely crowded and busy, it is also known to be a place of peace, and you might find that you can have a surprisingly laid back time in this sprawling city. Let’s take a look in some detail at some of the top reasons you might want to visit Jakarta.

why you should visit Jakarta

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Variety Of Places To Stay

No matter what kind of accommodation you do tend to enjoy, you might be surprised to discover that Jakarta has it in spades, and this is certainly something that can make the whole experience of travelling considerably easier. Understanding how and where you are going to stay before you visit somewhere is always going to make the trip much easier, so it is something which you always want to think about beforehand as best as you can. For that reason, clearly finding sewa rumah Jakarta means that you are going to enjoy yourself much more, and that is definitely something you want to be going for on the whole. This is something that is definitely going to make a huge difference, so it’s worth considering as one of the great benefits of visiting Jakarta.

Great For Shopaholics

There are a lot of things you might enjoy doing when you are travelling abroad, but for a lot of people one of the main attractions has to be shopping. If you are someone who loves to shop when you travel, then this is certainly something that you will want to consider. Jakarta has not just plenty of Asian shopping delights, and arguably some of the best shops in Southeast Asia, but also a great range of other, more Western-style shopping. For this reason, you will find that you can buy many of the things you want for a much reduced price – perfect for Christmas shopping, for instance – and also will enjoy the process of hopping greatly too, thanks to the largely happy and exuberant nature of these markets and so on.

why you should visit Jakarta

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Fascinating Museums

If you are someone who loves to learn as you travel, then you won’t really need to look much further than the city of Jakarta. Whatever kind of education you are keen on getting, you can be sure that you will find some kind of local museum to visit which can provide that for you. Whether you are keen to learn more about the country’s geography, history, military, or politics, you will find that there are fascinating museums for all of these subjects and more. Most exciting is the National Museum, world famous as being a particularly well-tended and interesting museum to visit, and full of many different kinds of attractions. This is definitely something you will want to do if you do visit Jakarta, and a hugely attractive reason for visiting at all.

why you should visit Jakarta

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Delicious Cuisine

Arguably, one of the most important parts of travelling at all is getting to try out different kinds of food and enjoying some great experiences at a number of restaurants. If you are ken on ensuring that you can get some great food, you will find that Jakarta provides this experience for you easily, so it is certainly one of the main reasons you might consider visiting this stunning place. Whether you want some traditional street food, or you are keen for a taste of other kinds of Southeast Asian foods, you will find that you can get it all within the Jakarta city walls – and many of the higher end restaurants offer a fantastic experience all round as well. With food being such an important part of travelling for most people, it’s certainly good to know that you can expect such fantastic delights on your tongue when you visit the Indonesian capital.

As you can see, there is plenty that Jakarta has to offer, and understanding that will ensure that you can appreciate why you might want to visit all the more. If nothing else you will have a unique experience which you will remember forever.

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