DIY Without The Y: Custom Services Which Make Home Improvement Cheaper


Hi friends, today I have a contributed post by Ryan Keys all about the how to make home improvement cheaper. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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The idea of working to improve your own home isn’t exactly a new one. In fact, in the past, most people would go down this route, rather than paying someone else to handle it for them. Making the whole thing a lot cheaper, DIY can be a great idea for a lot of the jobs around your home, and isn’t something you should be too shy to try. Of course, though, along with being willing to handle this work for yourself, you also have to know when to give some of it to other people. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring three custom services which can make DIY all the cheaper.


It’s no secret that paintings are expensive items, with some being worth more than the buildings which they are kept inside. This doesn’t stop with the originals, though, as even prints are often pricey, making it hard to afford the styles you’d like for your space. Thankfully, there are companies out there which will let you make your own quality art prints. You will have to start with your own image, but this is will make the whole thing far more affordable, as this will ensure that you’re not having to pay the licensing fees which would usually come with something like this.


Over the last few decades, the world of furniture has changed a lot. Instead of buying items which have been handcrafted in a batch of one, most people are using companies like Ikea to find flat packs which they can build at home. When you’re already going through the effort of building to save money, though, it can make sense to look at designing your own furniture to get a similar effect. There are loads of companies out there which offer cutting services. Metals, plastics, and wood can all be handled like this, and this is often far cheaper than buying something which has already been designed for you.


There are some parts of your home which you won’t be able to DIY completely, simply because the work is too complex. Kitchens are a great example of this, with people often relying on a builder to help them to put together their space. There are several companies out there which take a different approach to this, though. Sourcing the materials, designers, and builders themselves, they can offer the design and build as a full package, making it far cheaper than going through two or three different businesses in the process.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of finding custom services which will make your home improvements cheaper. A lot of people neglect this sort of option when they are exploring the idea of making their home better. As time goes on, though, the world of interior design is only becoming more complex, and this is opening the doors to new options which most people won’t hear about for a long time.

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