Contemporary Living Is Still Possible When You Have A Family


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Before children, your home would have been your pride and joy. Taking ownership on how it looks each day and managing to keep it clean and tidy for longer than an hour. With children, however, it can be difficult to keep your home looking stylish and designed. With toys getting in the way and the accumulation of stuff, it’s easy to see why some families lose their love for the home and settle for it to become lived in. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to create a child friendly modern and contemporary living space. It’s possible when making the right choices. 

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Using glass is still possible 

The use of glass is a real modern touch for a space you are designing. However, with children running around you may have dismissed the idea of incorporating glass features. But using them on staircases and as barriers is a great way to add durable glass and get that modern look you are after. It could also create a feeling of open space which works well in smaller areas. 

Minimalist approach

Clutter accumulates when you have children. There is no hiding away from that. But with clever storage solutions you can keep things organised and create a more minimalist approach to your home decoration. Keeping toys tidied away and regularly sorting through them is a great tip. 

Socialise your living spaces

Modern family life is busy, so create your living spaces with that in mind. You want those rooms to encourage you and your family to stop and take a moment to be with one another. Large sliding doors ensures you get as much natural light as possible and positioning comfortable sofas to capture it is a great style tip. 

Make better choices when it comes to furniture

It’s a fact that children can get messy quickly. So make sure you make informed choices when it comes to purchasing furniture. Leather sofas are a very modern feature so choosing something that is durable will work from both a style point and practicality. You also want to think about avoiding sharp edges on furniture. 

Add personal touches

Modern living may not want clutter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t inject your personality into the decoration. Adding pictures and frames is a lovely way to do that. You may want to come up with a quirky approach to creating a feature wall and use photos and frames. 

Be bold with your choice of colour

A modern and contemporary living space isn’t all about white washed walls and no colour at all. You can be bold with your styling and it’s a top tip when it comes to children. Stains from crayons and food are going to happen. So bold colours for things like rugs or on feature walls is a great way to disguise those stains. 

Let’s hope this has inspired you to create a modern contemporary living space the whole family can enjoy. 

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