5 Home Repair Jobs You Should Never Do Yourself


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Going DIY can often save you money on home repairs, but there are times when it can be dangerous unless you know your stuff. Be it appliance repair, here are several instances when you’re better off calling in contractors.

Electrical repairs

You don’t want to be messing with electrics unless you know what you’re doing or a Home Improvement expert. Faulty wiring can lead to electrical fires and other dangers. In some cases, it can even be deemed illegal if you don’t have an electrical license. Unless it’s a minor electrical repair such as a light fitting and you feel confident knowing what you’re doing, hiring a contract electrician is always the best option.


Plumbing can be messy work if you get things wrong. A plumbing fault could lead to a leak, which could then result in serious water damage. Gas plumbing in particular should never be attempted oneself (unless you’ve had gas training). Always hire a professional plumbing company to be safe, unless it’s a simple problem like a blocked toilet or a blocked u-bend (which you can usually do yourself).

Fixing appliances

Modern appliances rely on heavily complex technology and whilst there are some faults that are easy to repair, others may require electrical knowledge, plumbing knowledge (in the case of a washing machine) or even gas knowledge (in the case of an oven). It’s usually a sensible decision to call in the pros when it comes to appliance repair. Older appliances (over 15 years) may not even be worth fixing if they break and could be cheaper to simply replace. Fitting new appliances is also something that should be done by professionals.

Replacing windows

Installing windows is no easy job. Without using precision, you could break a new window whilst trying to fit it. If you’re also replacing the frame, you also need to be sure that this is properly fitted and that you’re not affecting the structural integrity of the wall. A professional window installation company will be able to take away the hassle and ensure that your new window is fitted safely.

Removing dangerous materials

There are a number of materials such as lead and asbestos that were once commonly used in construction, but have since been found to be toxic. Such materials generally don’t pose a risk unless disturbed. When stripping a lead paint wall or removing asbestos roof cladding, you could put yourself and everyone else living in your home at serious risk unless you know what you’re doing. It only takes tiny flecks of these materials to get into the air and be breathed in to then cause serious damage. As a result, you should always hire professionals to remove such materials.

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