Simple Solutions to Little Life Problems


We all face struggles, some emotional and some physical. Sometimes we just face problems that make us want to pull our hair out because we just cannot think of the solution.

Today we are going to look at what we perceive to be complicated problems and just how simple the solution may be.

Friday the 13th

Are you just having one of those days? Has absolutely everything gone wrong? Have you gone feet first into a large puddle, had a jam spillage from that donut at lunch? Locked your car keys in the car?

Fear not! Put a towel around your feet, destain with some soda and get a locksmith, be it a 24 hour locksmith to help you retrieve your keys. Bad luck is actually something we create for ourselves. Feeling like you are having bad luck, will in all seriousness bring you bad luck. 

Although this notion sounds ludicrous, it is simply a matter of attitude, slightly altering your own perception of a situation will in turn, alter the outcome of that situation. Don’t believe it? Give it a try.

Lack of confidence

We have all been here, we have woken up one morning and felt like absolute trash. Not wanting to leave the bed and an overwhelming sense of impending doom.  When we feel this way, there seems to be no way out apart from wait for it to just go away, right?

No! This is absolutely not right, the solution is quite simple. It’s all about resetting your mind frame. Going to the wardrobe and picking something out that makes you look fabulous, put on a scent that triggers those memory neurons, find something you want and buy it. These three things together are a remarkable trio. They, in fact, help you trick your brain into reversing your mood. The clothes give you more presence, the smell provides a happy nostalgia and the shopping stimulates your visual pleasure receptors. All in all, do this magical trio and you will feel on top of the world.

That Was Foolish

A problem we all come across from time to time is making a fool out of ourselves. We hate to admit it but it’s something we all do. Whether it be at an office Christmas party or just making a little bit of a scene in public. How do we repair something like this? Well, the solution to this one is quite simple. 

Making a fool of oneself is 80% down to how we perceive the situation ourselves and definitely how we react to it. Generally, people will react in accordance with our reactions. So react thusly, react with confidence and nonchalance. Whilst this may seem like simple advice, if you embrace anything deemed as an imperfection in your nature, it only serves to humanize you. By dwelling on a foolish incident and allowing it to govern future actions, this then reshapes you into something you are not.    

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