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Books Read in 2019


I did a books read in 2018 blog post last year and I love going back to it to recommend books to friends. So, I thought I should do another one this year for the books I read in 2019. For the majority of 2019 I was pregnant and for the months I was not feeling well, I didn’t read any books. Therefore, I definitely read less books than in 2018, but that’s okay. March of 2020 is almost over and I’ve already read 5 books. At this rate, I should have my best year yet. Let’s wait and see.

Books Read in 2019

Then She Was Gone

Although it has been over a year now, I remember really enjoying this book. It is thriller about a girl who goes missing.

The Water Cure

This book was recommended by an Instagrammer I follow, but I did not enjoy it at all. I think the book had a deeper meaning that I really did not pick up on. It also won some awards so it’s supposed to be really good. Not my cup of tea that’s for sure.

Cut Flower Garden

This is a coffee table style of book but I found it extremely interesting and read it in one go. It’s about taking care of different types of flowers and how to use them in arrangements, etc. It’s a beautiful book and a great resource.


This is Joanna Gaines book about interior design. Again a beautiful coffee table book that’s also a great resource. A great gift idea as well for someone who loves design.

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

This was a book recommended to me by one of my friends. It started off okay but then as the titles suggests it goes into women discussing erotic stories. Not my cup of tea, I stopped the book right there.

The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch is a fiction book that has won the Pulitzer Prize and is a classic. It is also now a movie and it was also playing at TIFF last year in Toronto. It’s a long book that I only kind of enjoyed.


This book is written by one of my friends on Instagram and I really did enjoy reading it. Quick read and there is a sequel coming soon too!

Good Vibes Good Life

This a book by Vex King, a motivational speaker that talks about self love.

The Woman in the Window

I really enjoyed this book as well. It’s a quick read and there is also a movie coming out this year as well.

Bringing Up Bebe

This is probably my favourite baby book so far. It’s well written and I resonate with al her advice as well. A must read if you’re expecting or a new parent.

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

I definitely learned quite a bit about childbirth from this book and it did help me mentally prepare for the day.

How Will You Measure Your Life

This book talked about happiness and how a lot of over-achievers fall into their own traps leading to their unhappiness.

Shoe Dog

This was probably my favourite book of the year. I learned so much about the creator of Nike as well as how difficult it is to start your own company.


A great resource for new parents. One major thing I learned is to be more relaxed with parenting.

The Happiest Baby on the Block

This book came highly recommended to me. It talks about baby’s sleep and the 5 S’s that help with baby getting better rest. Also, the author of this book created the Snoo – the smart bassinet (that is outside my budget but seems like a dream to have).

Ina Mays Guide to Breastfeeding

This book has some great tips on breastfeeding.

The Big Letdown

I thought this book was about tips on breastfeeding, but it is actually about its history. Not for me so I stopped reading early into the book.


One of my favourite podcasts and therefore I had to read the book. It’s just like the podcast, but just longer.

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