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Bond With Me Panda Crate Review


I came across KiwiCo and the Panda Crate subscription service while I was pregnant and I knew I wanted to try out at least one box once Partaap Singh was born. So, I signed up and received the first crate (the Bond with Me Panda Crate) and was hooked. My son and I loved it so much that I signed up for the entire Panda Crate subscription right then and there. So, today I thought I would share what we received and do a Bond With Me Panda Crate review (one of the first crates we received).

KiwiCo is a subscription company that sends monthly crates to your home specifically curated for your child. The Panda Crate is meant for babies ages 0-24 months and comes every 2 months. You can subscribe to the box by paying for each box or you can pay for all the 12 boxes and get a great discount. Okay, now on to the review.

Bond With Me Panda Crate Review

The Bond With me Panda Crate is one of the first crates you will receive as it contains some really cool products for a newborn. We used every single one of these products right when he was born and we are still using them now (he’s 4 months today)!. You really do get more than your moneys worth. If you search for similar products on Amazon and add up the cost, it is more than what you pay for the box.

I love the panda theme for all the Panda Crates. I also love that there is no plastic, the toys are amazing quality and the packaging is minimal. Most of all I love the uniqueness of the toys and that all the products are specifically designed to aid my child’s development. The Bond with me Panda Crate explores parent child bonding, recognizing baby clues as well as visual development. Let’s get into all the products.

The box comes with a large swaddle blanket. Swaddling is great for the first few months as it helps with the Moro Reflex. The swaddle is large, made of cotton, is beautiful and we use it for every nap and bedtime. If your child doesn’t like to be swaddled, you can even use the blanket for tummy time or a burp cloth.

Bond With Me Panda Crate Review
Bond With Me Panda Crate Review

Next, you will find black and white contrast cards in the box. All these cards are space and Panda themed. PS loved them all and still enjoys looking at them. I show him one card at a time, describe what is on it all while moving it back and forth and up and down. He loved looking at the cards when he was 1 month old and still loves them to this day.

Bond With Me Panda Crate Review

One of the best things (imo) in the box was the foldable tummy time mirror. This is great to use during tummy time, however, PS seemed to enjoy staring, talking and laughing at the Panda on this mirror book well before he started doing tummy time. The Panda made him so happy, that sometimes when he was crying, I would show him the panda and he would start smiling. It was so cute.

Bond With Me Panda Crate Review

Next, there are monthly card cards to use for monthly pictures of your little one. On the back side is room to write down milestones, height, weight and other information. They also come with a pillow that the cards easily slip into with a little panda on it. I havn’t used the pillow for the monthly pictures, but I am planning on using it to prop on the nursing chair once I stop nursing. It’s a cute little pillow for sure.

Bond With Me Panda Crate Review

Other than those products, the box also comes with a magazine with great information as well as cards that help explain each product in detail. There are additional cards that give information about other activities you can do with your baby as well.

Bond With Me Panda Crate Review

I hope you all enjoyed this review and as you can tell, I totally love the subscription box. I love the concept, I love all the toys in the box, I love that I don’t need to do my own research since the box comes with everything I need to know and I love the price. If you want to purchase the Panda Crate subscription, for a limited time they have one month free with the code FUNSUMMER for the 6 and 12 month subscriptions!

We love using the Ofie play mat. We spend a lot of our days on the mat playing with PS and all his toys. This mat is comfortable, has grip, is super soft and I just love the print. Oh, and it’s double sided! Highly recommend.

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