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Life as a New Mom During a Pandemic


Life as a New Mom During a Pandemic

Sometimes I find it surreal what is actually happening to the world right now. It’s 2020 and the Covid-19 outbreak is happening and everyone is practicing social distancing. I, on the other hand, am adjusting to life as a new mom during a pandemic and a lot of my family and friends are always checking in to see how both Partaap Singh and I are doing. And, honestly, I’m doing great. Because truth be told, I was already kind of practicing social distancing since Partaap Singh was born.

Since PS was born, I have been super anxious about being alone or being away from the home. And with this pandemic, both of those anxieties have pretty much gone away. Although I live my in laws and my mother in law is always home, the times she did step away to run a few errands and I was home all alone with PS, I would be super stressed out. I was afraid something would happen to PS while she was out and I wouldn’t know what to do. Since Ontario is in a state of emergency and we are told to stay home, guess what? She’s always home. And if she isn’t, Gursheel is.

Because Gursheel is also working from home, I am beyond grateful. Gursheel had taken 2 months of paternity leave and then once it was over, he had a couple of weeks of vacation he needed to take since he started a new job. He did just one week of work at his new job and then everyone was told to work from home. So, basically, since PS was born, Gursheel has been home the entire time, except for one week. I find it to be such a blessing that Gursheel gets to spend so much time with his son.

Another thing I wanted to mention was PS HATES being in his car seat (but I love the Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30). The instant we put him in his car seat, he cries and the crying escalates to what I call “scary crying.” And when you’re in a moving car and your baby is in the car seat, there is not much you can do to soothe him. So, I’m so happy PS has not experienced any more of these traumatizing experiences in the car seat since we have been home the whole time. He does have his vaccinations next week so I’m super stressed about how that will go, but we shall see.

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, I went out alone for a couple of appointments and I was super anxious about being away from PS. All I could think was I hope this appointment ends soon so I can be back home with PS. But now, with everything shut down, I am unable to even make any appointments. Although I would love a massage (my neck is so sore from nursing and carrying PS all day), my anxiety about being away from my son is gone for now.

So, all in all, I have been enjoying life as a new mom during a pandemic. I get to spend all day with my son and both Gursheel and my mother in law are home to help me along. With the weather getting better, I’m looking forward to going out for walks, but in the meantime I have been listening to a lot of books (check this post for some book recommendations). I can’t wait for the lockdown to end so we can finally see all of our family again but until then I am enjoying life as a new mom at home.

Hope you all are well šŸ™‚


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