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6 Must Buy Baby Products at Dollarama


I love a good deal on anything and the dollar store is where I’ve scored some awesome deals for some incredible baby products. Next time you’re at Dollarama, make sure to pick up these items for your baby. Here are my 6 must buy baby products at Dollarama:

6 Must Buy Baby Products at Dollarama

Baby crocs

Dollarama has these crocs for kids for 2 dollars and they look exactly like the brand name Crocs. We bought PS some other sandals/summer shoes from Carters, but these Dollarama shoes have nothing on them. They are light weight, easy to put on and wipe down and PS loves wearing them too. Highly recommend, you won’t find a better deal on baby shoes elsewhere.

must buy baby products at dollarama

Animal Figurines

I try to approach Partaap Singh’s toys with a Montessori perspective, however, it can get expensive. If you are looking for some realistic animal figurines and don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, you can get some amazing ones at Dollarama. PS has 2 packs of safari animals for a total of 12 animal figurines and they just cost a few bucks. He loves playing with them and when I ask him to bring me a lion, he knows which one it is and the sound it makes.

Poop bags

I’m not sure of the official name of this product, but I found them in the dog section of Dollarama. Basically they are meant to be used to pick up dog poop. However, I like to use these bags to store diapers or wet clothes when I’m out and about. I keep a roll of the poop bags in our car and use them to collect garbage that easily collects in the car. They are super practical and super affordable.


PS loves any type of ball, and instead of finding balls on Amazon or Walmart, where you won’t be able to find anything for a dollar or 2, I like to go to Dollarama. They have a huge collection of all sorts of balls. Baseball, football, big ball, little ball, spiky ball, you name it and they are just for a dollar or 2.


Bubbles are another thing all kids love and I bought a bubble machine so I don’t need to keep blowing bubbles, however, the refill packs of bubbles can be pricey. But not at the dollar store. You can find both refill bottles for bubbles as well as the bubble blowing stick at Dollarama. They have an assortment of sticks but I personally find that the refill bottle is where you score big.

must buy baby products at dollarama
must buy baby products at dollarama

Toy truck/cars

I’m not sure if this is a boy thing, but PS loves all types of trucks/vehicles. Be it on TV, while we are driving or in a book but he will let everyone know when he sees a plane, truck or dump truck. So much so that some of the first words he said are bus, truck, Jhaaj (Punjabi for plane) and dump truck. We have bought PS some trucks from Amazon and Canadian Tire, however, if you want a diverse collection of vehicles at a great price, check the dollar store. They are made of plastic, but I’m finding plastic toys are the best for toddlers. They are affordable, your toddler will love em and they will keep your toddler busy for a while.

I hope you enjoyed this post on must buy baby products at Dollarama. The dollar store is huge and there is more to discover so I’ll be sure to do a follow up post soon. And if you’re looking for more mom hacks, check the Bekaming a Mom section of the blog. Happy playing šŸ™‚

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