Ways To Revamp Your Living Room


The living room is in the heart of the house, and is a place where we like to spend a lot of time. Getting together, having a chat, having a coffee, working or even lounging, all the excuses are good to linger a little in the living room. And this piece is all the more pleasant if it follows our desires and adapts to our lives made of perpetual changes. A living room makeover is often welcome in the new season. If the budget is not extendable, a few tips can give a different style to the living room without modifying all the furniture. You can also look at homewares online to get some inspiration. Follow some ideas that are timeless or trendy, minimalist or imposing but all stunning to revamp a living room!

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1. A green wall for a touch of nature in the living room

Regardless of the season, it is always very pleasant to have a little vegetation inside the house and more particularly in the living room. Above a cabinet, on a white or colored wall, or even hanging several glass frames with a metal outline for an industrial retro style. Inside these frames, you can collect leaves from the wild of different sizes and shapes, and make your own art from the nature around you! 

2. Paint for an express salon makeover

Without repainting the entire living room, a few touches of color are enough to bring a little character to the room. The idea of ​​this feature wall with a bold pattern or print, is based on a jumble of hues in tune with the times! Modern feature walls look great and have plenty of benefits! Above the sofa or the fireplace is a way to add a little whimsy to the living room. In DIY surfaces or paint manufacturers, pick from a panel of samples that are enough to paint a small area like this. You should definitely play with wallpapers also and not just paint, as wallpapers can add a more warm and cosy feel! 

3. Cushions and fabrics! 

Essential in the makeover of the living room, cushions can be changed very often thanks to cushion covers at low prices. Depending on your style or color desires, they follow the trend with an endless choice of fabric, shapes, sizes and colors. Cushions also have the advantage of creating a comfortable space, a cozy sofa corner. In order to keep a beautiful set on the sofa, choose to cluster patterns, such as three of the same pattern and two of another. Remember to take good care of them by washing them regularly and putting them away when they are no longer needed so that they can be better removed in the near future.  Great fabrics add style and class to a room. Velvet curtains can feel luxurious and warm. Or woolen or fluffy rugs can feel extra cosy! If you have wooden floors, or laminated flooring, you need to add warmth somehow and this is perfect. Also look at the types of throws over the winter, such as knitted throws and soft fabrics to make the room feel really inviting.

4. A designer floor lamp to set the tone in the living room

Near the sofa or the sideboard, the floor lamp is a strong light in the living room. It deserves to be chosen carefully to ensure the style created. In a contemporary or colorful living room, we put on an ultra design floor lamp. It catches the eye without weighing down the decoration. As it is a part with limited wear, it can be an opportunity to indulge yourself with a quality lighting fixture. These types of items for the home will never lose fashion and a good quality lamp will last a very long time! If you want to take it one step further then you can look at chandeliers for example! These can look beautiful and offer a lot of style to a bland room.

5. Pretty mirrors and a bright living room makeover

In the living room, mirrors optimize natural light and enlarge the space. If your living room is dark or a bit narrow, opt for a wall of mirrors to benefit from more light. The living room suddenly seems bigger! Play with staggering mirrors for guaranteed style. Before installing them, take care of the reflections of the mirrors so that they are at the right places and not reflecting the sun and blinding you, or too distracting for you when you’re sitting watching TV for example. You can do a lot with mirrors, however, to make the space feel great. 

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