Four Home Improvements That Will Protect Your Home


Whether it took you some time to get comfy in your new home or to save up enough money to pay for the deposit – your home is likely one of your most prized assets. As a result, it’s important that you find ways to protect it where possible – whether that be through installing security systems or finding ways to reduce the impact of severe weather conditions. Both of these precautions (and more) will ensure that you can enjoy your home for years to come.  

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With this in mind, here are four home improvements that will help you protect your home. 

  • Installing impact windows in your home.  If you live in an area where storms are a common occurrence, you may want to install Impact Windows. These windows are stronger and more durable than typical glass window panes, due to the fact that they are double-laminated, meaning they’re less likely to shatter on impact. As a result, installing impact windows is a great way to weatherproof your property, as you will not have to worry about them getting damaged (or smashed) during storms or similar weather conditions. Remember, not only are smashed windows a huge health and safety hazard, but they can be incredibly expensive to replace. 
  • Fixing damaged door frames. Cracks or gaps in the framing around your doors (and windows) are more than just an aesthetic issue. Firstly, they could allow cold air to enter your home, while also serving as an entryway for pests, bugs, and insects. They could also make you more vulnerable to theft, as it could mean that “the door may not close all the way, in which case a would-be intruder could potentially pry the door up.” Thankfully, minor cracks can be repaired with some simple DIY as you simply need to fill them in with over-the-counter products such as caulk. 
  • Installing video doorbells. Footage from video monitoring systems like ring doorbells often goes viral – especially if people are heading home from a night out with friends or trying their best to be entertaining for the camera. However, more than a way to make you laugh, these systems can be a great way to keep your home safe. This is because they will provide useful evidence should someone try to break into your property. In many cases, they also act as a deterrent for crime as the perpetrator is aware that they are being filmed and there is plenty of evidence mounting against them. 
  • Carrying out regular maintenance. Carrying out regular maintenance on both the interior and exterior of your home is the most effective method you can employ when it comes to protecting your property for the future. This is because it encourages you to tackle issues as soon as they arise, as opposed to allowing them to develop – resulting in more complex or costly repairs. For example, you may uncover a blocked or damaged pipe quicker, before it begins to present a flooding risk or blocks your access to heat and hot water. 

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