Designing Your Forever Home


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Designing your own home is a dream that many people have. If you are lucky enough to have that dream turn into reality then there are a few things that you should know before starting your venture. Lucky for you we have done some research and listed below a few top tips to get you started on your new home designs.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Budgeting is an obvious step you have to take when designing your home. Ensure you are as thorough with you budgeting as you can be and leave some wiggle room for any unplanned issues that might incur. 

As well as budgeting for the actual build of the property, remember to include a budget for the interior design and furniture. It is something that people tend to forget about when budgeting. You should include the following in your budget also:

  • Site Surveys
  • Insurance
  • Local authority fees
  • Landscaping
  • Connections to water mains, electricity and sewage

Incorporate Natural Light

Ensuring your property has plenty of natural light can be beneficial to the overall feel of your home. If you are finding it a struggle fitting windows into your aesthetic then think about installing a roof light, they provide a great source of natural light in hard to reach areas. Do keep in mind the maintenance of cleaning these windows, you will need to have easy access to the roof and a large ladder to clean the inside.

Think About The Future

When designing your home think about what might happen in the future. Are you planning on having children, will you need to accommodate aging family members, or in the worst-case scenario would your home be able to be easily adapted in the case someone in the home becomes disabled. Although some of these factors are more likely than others it is always better to implement the what-ifs into your design, after all this will be your forever home. 

Consider The Flow Of Rooms

Think about how you use your home, you want the rooms in your house to flow. For example, you wouldn’t position the master bedroom next to the living area and the kitchen at the other end of the home. Group your living and sleeping areas into two separate sections of the house. This means that you can entertain in the living area away from the sleeping area, resulting in reducing the amount of noise travelling whilst someone is trying to sleep. You should also consider open-plan rooms, this makes your home flow more freely, giving the illusion of a bigger space. It also allows the light to spread throughout your home more naturally.

Design Inside and Outside

When designing your home, don’t neglect the outside. You want to give the wow factor inside and outside your home. Plan for landscaping your front and rear garden, this will complete the overall feel of the property. Hire a professional landscaper to help show you how to use your outdoor space.

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A Few Benefits of Bringing Some Beauty into Your House


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For most people,  the home is an integral cornerstone of a happy and healthy life. 

In all likelihood, you spend a major proportion of all your total time in your home – and your home is simultaneously the place where you relax and recharge your batteries after a difficult day at work, and also the place where you connect with some of the people closest to you.

Since the home is so important, there are all sorts of ways in which people strive to make their homes as upbeat and functional as possible – including things like comprehensive kitchen remodeling plans, building extensions, the expansion of garages, and all sorts of other things.

Ultimately, though, it might just be the case that some the most important things you can do for your home revolve around the topic of enhancing its aesthetic appeal, and bringing some beauty into the place – even if it’s difficult to see how this would be directly “useful,” in terms of certain pragmatic considerations.

In any event, here are a few things that bringing some beauty into your house can help you to achieve.

  1. Helping to connect you with a sense of meaning and harmony

There’s a certain school of thought that says that one of the main reasons why people seek out beautiful artwork, natural scenery, and other aesthetically pleasing elements of the world, is because those things help to connect the individual with a higher sense of meaning, harmony, and a feeling of being “in the right place, at the right time” in the world.

If left alone, life naturally tends towards chaos and disorder. It’s the law of entropy – things become more dispersed and less organised over time.

Beauty, on the other hand, might represent that precious point of harmony and balance that seems to give life a sense of proper structure and depth.

In other words, having your home decorated and ornamented in a way that you find beautiful, might help you to connect with a deeper sense of meaning over the course of your everyday life.

  1. Making your baseline mindset more positive and empowered

Everyone likes to look at beautiful things, and it’s probably also fair to say that everyone feels happier, more positive, and more optimistic about life, if they are exposed to beauty on a regular basis.

Life is always going to be full of assorted challenges, setbacks, and sources of unhappiness and stress. For all of these reasons, making your home environment beautiful might be a critically important thing to do in order to help move your mindset in a more positive and empowered direction.

Just like you would expect to feel more melancholy if you filled your home with reminders of suffering, misery, and despair, so too can you expect to feel more upbeat and empowered if you fill your home with symbols, motifs, and ornaments that encapsulate a sense of positivity.

  1. Making your home more pleasant for guests and relatives

Not only is your home the place where you relax and spend time on a solitary basis, but it’s also likely a place where you interact with family members, your significant other, or any number of friends or other guests you might have over on a special occasion.

Bringing some more beauty into your home can make it a much more pleasant place for guests and relatives to be. This, in turn, can mean that you have a significantly better time whenever you are arranging a gathering at your place – and it can also mean that you feel more confident and comfortable about inviting people into your home in the first place.

  1. Helping you to be more productive and focused

There are various ways in which our immediate environments can influence our mindset, our behaviour, and our perspectives on the world – often in fairly strange or unexpected ways.

One thing that many people find to be the case – especially in recent times, with increasing numbers of people working from home, and with the future seeming sure to include far more remote working across many different companies and industries – is that the way they organise and decorate their homes can have a tremendous impact on things productivity and focus.

One of the big selling points of the minimalist “decluttering” movement has been the idea that when your home is more organised, and when you have less stuff to preoccupy yourself with, you will tend to be more mentally organised, less distracted from the tasks you should be dedicating your time and attention to, and – as a result – will be more productive as well.

By making your home more beautiful, and by arranging it in a way that helps you feel upbeat and positive, there’s a good chance that you’ll find it easier to stick with your various projects and to dos, and to remain properly productive and organised.

After all, you’re likely to feel pretty guilty if you have the sense that you aren’t achieving your true potential, in the midst of a beautiful setting.

  1. Distracting you from the frustrations of everyday life

There are always bound to be sources of frustration that we have to deal with on a regular basis, and that we can’t just brush off as and when we like.

But just because there will always be frustrations that need to be dealt with, that doesn’t mean you need to feel completely overwhelmed by them, and to be preoccupied by them at all times of the day and night.

One of the great benefits about having a beautiful home environment is that it can really help to distract you from the frustrations of everyday life. Once you’ve dealt with your chosen work obligations for the day, you can settle into a relaxing evening or weekend, let the atmosphere of the place lift your spirits, and allow your mind to switch to a different track.

Of course, there are various things you can do that will help to exacerbate this effect – such as trying to create a strong division between work and your personal life.


Get Inspired To Remodel Your Bathroom!


A bathroom renovation is a job that can completely refresh the look of your bathroom. You can stick to a few simple interventions, but you can also completely change the look and layout. Of course, once your ideas are in place, you will surely want to look at hiring Bathroom Remodel Contractors who can implement these visions. However, let’s take a look at some design ideas to get the ball rolling. 

Photo: Unsplash

The Walls

There are many options for finishing the walls in the bathroom. Wall tiles are a classic here, but thanks to the massive choice of sizes, materials and colours, you can still give them your touch. The installation method (horizontal or vertical) can also influence the sense of space in the bathroom. Mosaics are made from ceramic just like tiles; only they are a lot smaller. That is why they are often used as an accent because their placement also takes a lot more time. You can also finish the bathroom wall with water-resistant paint, which allows you to splash as much as you like without any damages over time. It can also be used in the kitchen! This waterproof gloss plaster, made based on natural hydrated lime, gives your bathroom a very luxurious look.

The Furniture 

The choice of bathroom furniture is also essential for the look of your bathroom. Of course, you want bathroom furniture that offers convenience and sufficient storage space for all your belongings without taking up too much space itself. So be sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the furniture and the maintenance method, the model (hanging or standing), the connection with the pipes. If you want to work from wall to wall and according to your design, it is also possible to have bathroom furniture made to measure. In terms of material, you can, for example, opt for wooden bathroom furniture. This gives an authentic and warm atmosphere, but you have to make sure that the wood is resistant to moisture. Commonly used plate materials are HDF and MDF. You can read essential dimensions and tips for choosing bathroom furniture on many online platforms. Any additional extras would indeed look great too, take a look at some bathroom accessories.

Plumbing and Piping

Renovating the plumbing is a job that requires a lot of effort. To gain space, you can, for example, choose to place a bath shower combination. To prevent water from getting onto the floor, you should shield the area with a shower screen or curtain. Another option for upgrading the shower is to have a walk-in shower. This gives an incredible feeling of space, and you can choose the dimensions yourself. A disadvantage is that the placement requires specialist work. A small leak can cause a lot of damage and breaking. With a bathroom renovation, you can also give the toilet a makeover. You can certainly experiment with creative ideas for the design of the smallest room.  

It’s time to make your new bathroom a reality. Remodelling doesn’t have to be difficult, it can certainly be fun.