6 Simple Ways to Maintain a Pristine Home

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Whether you’re houseproud or just expecting guests, you want your home to reflect who you are as a person. For most people, this means making sure the home is as pristine as possible, and then some. But, with responsibilities like taking the kids to school and working hard to wiping the dog’s feet when they come in after a walk, this can feel impossible

Is it really impossible, though? A pristine home might feel like a distant dream, but it is not as unachievable as it sounds. It all comes down to how you approach your house care routine, so here is some advice to help you get started. 

Start The Day Right Every Day 

Waking up can be tricky, especially during the winter when it’s still dark when you open your eyes and it remains dark throughout your entire routine/. However, you want to get your day started right, and this can be as simple as making your bed to put you on the right path towards a good day

This small but effective action will immediately make your mind feel clearer, and this will motivate you to do a little more than you usually would. Rather than slump around making breakfast, you’ll make something delicious and wash up afterwards, which saves you a job later on.

Never Leave It Until Later 

Speaking of later on, too many people allow dishes to pile up or leave mud, stains, and crumbs lying around the house. They say they will sort it out later, but why not fix it now? 

The same goes for clothes. What’s the point in throwing your jacket over the chair when you could just hang it up? Leaving things for later just means more work at another time, and these things can quickly pile up until your home looks messy, which could affect your focus, especially if you work from home. 

Learn How to Identify Problems 

As much as you try to stay on top of cleaning and maintaining an excellent home, there are things you might not notice immediately. While some issues are not too significant, others could put your home and your family at risk. 

This can include everything from damp and mould to infestations. Knowing how to fix these issues, whether it’s by doing it yourself or getting in touch with comprehensive pest control solutions near me, you will avoid many of the pitfalls that can affect homeowners or renters. Look out for signs that your home is not in excellent condition and act quickly to ensure it does not get any worse. 

Prioritize The Most-Used Spaces 

There are some parts of your home that you use all the time and some parts that you barely spend any time in. It’s no surprise that the most-used spaces, such as your living room, kitchen, and bathroom will attract more dirt, debris, and disorder compared to others.

When looking for ways to make your home more pristine, focus on these spaces above all else. Take the time to wipe away cookie crumbs from your tables or organize under the bathroom sink to keep everything easily accessible for the whole family. The more you focus on these spaces, the easier they will be to manage.

Put Things Away 

Whether it’s your shoes or clothes after washing and drying, you don’t want to let things pile up around the house. Sure, it can be exhausting, especially after a long day, but taking a few seconds to pack things out of the way will do wonders for your home.

It also makes things easier to find and prevents them from getting dirty again before you get the chance to use them, so there are plenty of benefits to this. 

Organize the Important Stuff 

Bills, certificates, and any important letters are easy to lose if your home is not properly organized and pristine. If you know the best way to keep documents in one place, you won’t have any trouble finding them when you need them. 

If you’re applying for a new job, you may need proof of previous employment and qualifications. If you need to dispute a phone or energy bill, you’ll need evidence that you’ve been charged a specific amount. If you have a desk or cabinet, put everything in here and organize it by person or topic to make things easier to find. 

Pristine Living 

Pristine living does not mean making your home a sterilized and soulless environment, but it does mean you should find the best way to keep everything as clean as possible while still having some heart. By establishing easy-to-manage routines for you and the rest of the family, you’ll have no trouble making your home a place where you feel comfortable, healthy, and happy.


3 Essential Measures Of Waterproofing Your Home


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There are many reasons we decide to invest in and live in a chosen property, but the most fundamental and essential of all is that it protects us from the outside and secures us from the elements. We can often get so caught up in the fixtures, amenities, location and all of the other considerations that define value, but ultimately, if a home isn’t secure and isn’t able to provide shelter from the weather, then it fails as a home.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure that waterproofing your home is an essential element of keeping it properly cared for, no matter if you’re moving into a property you’re renovating, if you’re extending part of the property, or if it’s been a while since maintenance was performed. Of course, sometimes ‘waterproofing’ is not the optimal ideal, but being able to divert and protect against water is essential. Your roof will get wet, for instance, but preventing that water from pooling and causing damage is essential.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few techniques to beat it.

Roofing Runoff/Waterproofing

Roofing runoff, guttering and insulation is key to preventing the build up of water in and on your home.  For this reason, it’s important to have your roofing and guttering inspected semi-regularly so that you can prevent issues from occuring, such as damage to your insulation after a storm, gutters filled with debris, and loose tiles that may occur after heavy snowfall. One thing is for sure, without careful attention to your roofing system, a minor problem can become massive and may require thousands to put right..

Driveway Protections

Driveway protections, which will always be put in place by the best driveway paving company, can ensure that water runoff is properly applied to this space, no matter the exactly land depth and steepness this applies to. The proper materials being used here can also prevent water from pooling as well as traction to remain even in difficult weather conditions. Moreover, the conditions of maintaining a drive are often defined by the quality of installation, and so using a service like this can establish that worth ahead of time.

Basement Sealing

Basement sealing is an essential practice we must use if we hope to renovate our space, yes, but also if we just wish to make sure it can stand up against the elements. This kind of sealing can encompass the crawl space encapsulation, the window areas, the runoffs to prevent water pooling, and ventilation methods that are capably installed so as not to justify leaks. This is especially important for many houses, as the basement may provide access to the electrical circuit fuse box and other essential home necessities. For this reason, basement waterproofing is an essential fixture that predicates the health of the whole house.

With this advice, you’re sure to waterproof your home in the best possible manner.


Putting Your Stamp on a New Home


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When you move into a new home, more often than not, it is not to your taste. Either it is a brand new building with very little personality of its own or it has been lived in by a completely different family with totally different likes and dislikes to you.

If, then, you want it to feel more like home, you will probably want to put your own stamp on the place. If that’s the case, here are a few ways you could think about doing that:

Repaint the kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is often the hub of the family home. We spend a lot of time in their eating, drinking and sharing our days, so it is often a good place to start when looking to put your own stamp on a new home. Repainting the cabinets to give them a fresh new look is a great way to do this, as is changing out the cabinet handles, and this needn’t cost you a whole lot of money either.

Create a gallery wall

When you buy a new home, experts like Serge Papineau real estate will tell you that the previous owners will most likely have stripped the place back and made it as neutral as possible so that it is more likely to appeal to a wider number of people. That means it can seem pretty cold and impersonal. One way to instantly change this is by creating your own gallery wall filled with photos of your friends and family along with any art prints that you may love too. You’ll be amazed at how much of a lift this can give the place.

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Find a focal point

A good way to make your home feel more like you is to find a focal point in every room. This could be a feature wall that you decorate with a wallpaper you love, an antique that you give pride of place in the room or even a Persian rug – it doesn’t matter as long as it demands attention and fits perfectly with your unique style.

Use textiles to make it cozy

Often, a new home doesn’t really feel like home until it’s really comfy and cozy for the whole family. A really simple way to make a home more coast is, of course, by adding more textiles. From big fleecy throws over the back of the couch that are perfect for snuggling up into your great grandmas blanket that brings back fond memories, the more texture you can add to your space, the more it will start to feel like your home.


Of course, it’s often the finishing touches that really make a home feel like yours. So, think carefully about accessories. Put up a shelf to display the souvenirs from your travels, hang your diploma, buy a statue of your favourite comic book character and display it proudly – basically, find accessories that scream you and don’t be afraid to display them.

Enjoy your new home and your new style.